“Manziel failed because of character and work ethics”: Fan’s harsh evaluation on Johnny Manziel’s NFL career comes as surprise

Johnny Manziel was once hailed as a potential star of the NFL, but his career quickly spiraled out of control. Now, fans and analysts are reflecting on the reasons for his failure. One common theme that has emerged is that his character and work ethic were major factors in his downfall. This harsh evaluation of the former quarterback’s career comes as a surprise to many, as he was once seen as a dynamic and talented player.

As the NFL draft approaches, old footage of draft predictions that didn’t age well are making the rounds online. One of these clips features Skip Bayless and Merril Hoge debating on ESPN’s First Take about Johnny Manziel’s potential as a quarterback. Hoge predicted that he would be a bust, but Bayless disagreed vehemently and went so far as to list all the accolades he believed the young quarterback would win in the NFL.

“Merril Hoge, with all due respect, you have never ever been more wrong in your assessment of a football player than you just were about Johnny Manziel,” said Bayless. “He won’t be a bust. He’s going to be a franchise player. He’s going to be a star. He will make Pro Bowls.”


Unfortunately, his career did not pan out the way Bayless had predicted. Fans now attribute his failure to character and work ethic issues that were not apparent when he was playing college football. 

What are fans saying about Johnny Manziel?

Johnny Manziel

One fan tweeted that his failure in the NFL was not due to his lack of talent, but rather his poor character and work ethic. This means that the former NFL quarterback may have had the physical abilities necessary to succeed in the league, but his attitude and work habits held him back.


Another fan criticized Manziel’s approach to the game. Additionally, the fan highlighted Manziel’s poor attitude, which contributed to his failure.


One fan suggested that the former NFL quarterback lacked certain intangible qualities that are necessary for success in the NFL, such as leadership skills and the ability to command a room. He emphasized the difficulty of drafting players and suggested that teams should take as many chances as possible to find the right fit.

While it’s easy to point fingers and assign blame, it’s important to remember that drafting players is an inherently risky proposition. Teams must weigh a variety of factors when evaluating potential prospects, and even the most promising players can fail if they don’t have the right mindset and approach to the game.

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