“F*cking Bananas”: UFC commentator Joe Rogan on potential bare-knuckle bout between Conor McGregor and Mike Perry

Joe Rogan, the long-time UFC host, expressed his shock and excitement over the possibility of a bare-knuckle fight between Conor McGregor and Mike Perry, calling it “f*cking bananas.” Rogan’s comments occurred after Perry called McGregor out after the two fighters’ initial encounter at BKFC 41, where Mike “Platinum” Perry won against Luke Rockhold.

The analyst was intrigued by the prospect of a wild and violent battle between these two explosive warriors in a bare-knuckle fight.
Even though the likelihood of these two MMA stars duking it out is rather low, the concept in general is quite interesting to ponder.

Conor McGregor and Mike Perry confrontation in BKFC

Conor McGregor and Mike Perry’s potential fight at the BKFC (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship) sparked quite a bit of attention and rumors in the combat sports community. Perry used the chance to criticize McGregor after defeating Luke Rockhold in the BKFC 41 main event.

Even though the actual battle hasn’t happened yet, the confrontation showed off both fighters’ marketing prowess and generated buzz among combat sports fans. The Notorious, who is well-known for his abrasive demeanor and his capacity to create buzz, stoked the fire with his stance during the fight.

The prospect of a bare-knuckle fight between McGregor and Perry could be a unique spectacle, with the lack of gloves amplifying the raw intensity and risk involved. It is crucial to remember that whether or not the battle actually happens will ultimately depend on many variables.

The bout between McGregor and Perry at BKFC remains a memorable incident that garnered tremendous interest and demonstrated the promotional skills of both combatants as fans eagerly anticipate further developments.

Can Conor McGregor fight amid the USADA sandal? 

The UFC’s anti-doping program is implemented by USADA, which is there to ensure fair competition. Any fighter’s status to compete in sanctioned events may be affected if they are named in a USADA scandal or are accused of breaking anti-doping rules.

After a two-year layoff, “The Notorious” was supposed to fight Michael Chandler. He was expected to be the main attraction of a pay-per-view later this year after finishing a season of The Ultimate Fighter with Iron. The bout received a lot of attention despite not being formally confirmed, particularly in light of McGregor’s comeback.

The USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) testing pool regulations, however, have become a barrier. Prior to a match, UFC competitors must participate in testing for at least six months.

McGregor was taken out of the testing pool after breaking his leg in 2021 and hasn’t been tested since. This implies that unless he rejoins the USADA pool and completes the necessary six-month testing period, he will remain ineligible to fight.

It is not known if the Former UFC Champion will rejoin the USADA testing pool, finish the required testing time, and be eligible to compete in the scheduled fights. But for now, he did not meet the USADA guidelines and hence won’t be able to fight.

Do you think the battle between Conor and Mike Perry will take place despite the USADA scandal? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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