Fernando Alonso throws dig at Lewis Hamilton’s memory following controversial comments on Red Bull’s performance

In the aftermath of Lewis Hamilton commenting on Red Bull’s performance, rival Fernando Alonso has taken a shot at his rival’s memory. The Spaniard, who is esteemed for his outspokenness, said in a recent interview that Hamilton is “getting old” and has “a short memory.”

Seven-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton recently remarked on Red Bull’s dominant performance this season, calling the team’s current car, the RB19, the “best he had ever seen.”

His ex-Mclaren teammate Fernando strongly disagreed with the Englishman. In an interview with French newspaper L’Equipe, Fernando mentioned that Lewis has a “short memory.”

“Last week [in the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix], I finished 20 seconds behind Checo [Sergio Perez] and Max [Verstappen]. He and Rosberg were a minute ahead in 2014 and 2015. He has a short memory, he’s getting old,” Alonso said to the French newspaper.

Lewis Hamilton
Red Bull’s current F1 car, the RB19

It is apparent from Alonso’s comments that he still thinks highly of his former McLaren teammate.

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Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso were not the best teammates

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso had a tumultuous relationship as teammates during their time at McLaren in the 2007 Formula One season. Both drivers were competing for the top spot on the team and their partnership was fraught with tension and controversy as a result.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton, who was a rookie at the time, was seen as a potential challenger to Alonso’s status as the team’s number one driver. As a result, there were several incidents on the track and lingering tensions between the two drivers off of it.

The Hungarian Grand Prix, in which Alonso was accused of holding up Hamilton on purpose in qualifying to gain an advantage, was a defining moment in their time together. A major rift developed between the two drivers and the team after the incident, and Alonso ended up leaving McLaren at the season’s end.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton and Alonso’s careers in Formula One continued to flourish despite the controversy that surrounded them. After leaving McLaren for Mercedes, Hamilton has gone on to win multiple world titles, while Alonso has won two titles with Renault.

Both drivers have spoken highly of each other in recent years, praising one another for their skills. Even though they had a tense and sometimes contentious time as teammates, they undoubtedly influenced each other’s professional growth and helped each other become better drivers.




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