“Finding a way to avoid that nuke”: Israel Adesanya reveals his plan to dodge Alex Periera ‘poatan’ curse prior to UFC 287

The stage is set for a highly anticipated rematch between UFC middleweights Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira at UFC 287. As the two arch-enemies prepare to face each other for the second time in the UFC and the fourth time across combat sports.  Adesanya is determined to avoid the devastating striking power of Pereira, who has emerged victorious in their previous encounters.

Adesanya, known for his striking prowess and undefeated record in the UFC, faced a setback. When he was knocked down by Pereira at UFC 281, marking his third consecutive loss against the Brazilian fighter.

In a recent interview with Ryan Clark on the popular podcast DC & RC. Adesanya shared his strategy for the rematch, stating,

“Finding a way to avoid that shot no matter how he sets it up, he throws it ten times I have to dodge it 10 times I have to block it 10 times I have to counter it 10 times finding a way not nine times, and leaving one chance because you can’t leave one chance with him so yeah I’d say finding a way to avoid that nuke.”

Israel Adesanya

Cracking the ‘Poatan’ Puzzle: Israel Adesanya vs Alex Pereira Rematch at UFC 287

Adesanya’s determination to avoid the ‘Poatan’ curse, as he refers to Pereira’s devastating striking power is evident as he prepares for the fight. The UFC 287 main event is expected to capture the imagination of fans.

As Adesanya has previously mentioned how defeating Pereira is a personal goal for him, even more, important than the belt. On the other hand, Pereira is determined to maintain his winning streak against Adesanya and make it a 4-0 scoreline between them.

As the countdown to UFC 287 ticks away, fight fans around the globe are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the epic rematch between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira. The stakes are sky-high, with Adesanya seeking redemption after his previous losses to Pereira, who is riding high on his winning streak.

Will Adesanya finally crack the elusive ‘Poatan’ puzzle and find a way to avoid Pereira’s lethal strikes? Or will Pereira continue to hold the upper hand and cement his dominance over Adesanya?

Redemption Rivalry: Adesanya vs Pereira at UFC 287 – A Battle for Pride and Legacy

Adesanya’s determination to avoid leaving even a single chance for Pereira to land his devastating shots speaks volumes about the intensity of this rivalry. The ‘Poatan’ curse looms large, and Adesanya is well aware that he cannot afford any lapses in his defense. Every move, every dodge, every block, and every counter will be crucial in this high-stakes encounter.

This is a fight that transcends mere belts and titles; it’s a personal battle of pride and redemption for Adesanya, and a test of Pereira’s mettle as the reigning champion.

Who will you be supporting in the middleweight title fight?

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