Following featuring on Madden 24 cover, Josh Allen set to forge his name in family business

Josh Allen is recently hitting some great milestones. Just a few days back it was revealed that he will be featured on the Madden 24 cover. And now new news is circulating about his business ventures. 

Having a strong farming background, the quarterback is now ready to carve his name into the family business. Let’s delve deeper into the new paths the quarterback is pursuing. 

Josh Allen recently featured in NFL game Madden 24 cover

Josh Allen

Josh Allen has recently been chosen as the cover star for Madden NFL 24. He had a great 2022 season, he won two Player of the Week awards. 

Madden NFL 24 is scheduled on August 08, 2023. These games are very popular in the football world. Even Allen shared that he has been playing these games and learned football from them. 

The decision to feature Josh Allen on the cover of Madden NFL 24 comes at a time when he is fresh off a season with impressive stats, including at least 40 combined touchdowns.

Bills QB wants to add to his $15 Million worth

Allen’s net worth is $15 Million but the quarterback is pursuing different endeavors to add to his worth. The next venture he is opting for is his family business. It is revealed that Allen is planning to invest in the farming industry. His family has a long farming background, he grew up on a 3,000-acre farm in Fresno County, California. 

Josh Allen

But unfortunately, the drought made significant changes to their land and the quarterback’s interest in farming ended. But now, he is reigniting that passion by introducing pistachios as a new crop on 1,000 acres of land. This move not only demonstrates his commitment to continuing the family legacy but also his desire to turn farming into a profitable venture.

As Madden NFL 24 hits the market with Josh Allen on the cover, fans, and gamers will not only witness his impact on the football field but also his pursuit of success in the family business. Allen’s journey into farming exemplifies the broader trend among athletes who are actively seeking opportunities beyond their athletic careers. With their influence and resources, athletes can make a significant impact in various industries and bring about positive change.

What do you think about Josh Allen’s upcoming feature on the Madden 24 cover and his venture into the farming industry? Let us know in the comments section!

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