Following footsteps of multiple WWE stars like The Rock, John Cena and more, Samoa Joe makes his Hollywood debut

In recent times many WWE superstars have debuted in Hollywood. It all started with the Rock aka The Great One. Later, following his footsteps, many other superstars tried their luck in acting among them few succeded in making a name with their acting skills. 

Among wrestlers only The Rock, John Cena, and Dave Bautista were able to make a good name in Hollywood. Many other wrestlers tried but failed eventually. A few years back Roman Reigns and the Usos made their Hollywood debut starring in ‘Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw’. And now, it looks like Samoa Joe is set to make his Hollywood debut as well.

In which movie is Samoa Joe working?

Samoa Joe will star as Sweet Tooth in the upcoming ‘Twisted Metal’ television series adaptation for Peacock. In this series, Samoa Joe battles with Anthony Mackie who is currently playing the role of Captain America in MCU, Joe joked that this fight has helped him with his family life.

Speaking on the upcoming series to Game Informer, Joe was asked “What it’s like to get to fight Mackie, who stars in the MCU as Falcon and as the new Captain America?”

Anthony will soon feature as the main lead in the 2024 film Captain America: Brave New World. According to Samoa Joe, beating up Captain America has helped him in a great way, because he can now look at his kids and say he has beaten Cap when he needs them to do chores at home.

Samoa Joe

“Oh, it’s great because I’m whipping him right, and then the whole time when I’m at home, my kids are with me, and I’ll say, ‘Do you see what daddy did to Captain America? So can you get that trash out?’ So you know, Anthony’s helped me keep my home in order, and I appreciate that,” said Joe.

“He took some lumps for me, and it’s a little rough and tumble, but you know, Anthony, he’s a giving guy like that, he’s that type of dude. So I appreciate that.”- he further said.

When will Samoa Joe return to WWE?

Samoa Joe was one of the few talents that WWE let go after WrestleMania 37. But after 2 months he was brought back again. The second release took place in January 2022. After that Joe made a debut in All Elite Wrestling at Supercard of Honor in April. He shared that he was considering retirement but the amount of money they offered him was enough for him to rethink his retirement. 

There is no official update on whether he will make a comeback in WWE. There has been no approach from WWE to Samoa Joe.

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