Former tennis pro claims Carlos Alcaraz could assert Rodger Federer-like dominance on court after Novak Djokovic eventually retires

Feliciano Lopez, a former tennis star, makes a promising prediction for the sport. He thinks that the young rising star Carlos Alcaraz has the potential to dominate the court and also become like the legendary Roger Federer, once the legendary Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic decides to retire

Tennis fans are intrigued by Lopez’s statements, and they are eagerly anticipating the potential development of a new tennis sensation. The tennis community is unsure whether Carlos Alcaraz will truly be able to replace Jesus-Fed and Djoker as the next dominant force in the sport as his talent and potential continue to shine through.

Feliciano Lopez claims Carlos Alcaraz could assert dominance like Rodger Federer

Former No. 12 tennis player Feliciano Lopez lauded Jesus-Fed’s mental toughness and described him as a “beast” on the court who crushed opponents with his great tennis skills. Lopez revealed his triumphs over ‘Rafa’ and ‘Djoker’ throughout the course of his outstanding 26-year career. He acknowledged the challenge of taking on Roger, though, given that from 2003 to 2017, he had lost each of their 13 meetings. Jesus-Fed Roger Federer is a 20-time Grand Slam champion.

In addition, Lopez gushed about the talented rising star Carlos Alcaraz and predicted that once Novak ‘Djoker’ Djokovic departs, the young player would rule tennis just like Roger Federer. Lopez referred to Spaniard Alcaraz’s stunning Wimbledon triumph over Djoker as a pivotal moment in the budding star’s career.

Lopez acknowledged his anticipation for Juan Martin Del Potro’s return to tennis competition, particularly at the US Opens, and his ability to bounce back from setbacks.

In the conversation, Lopez displayed his utmost admiration and affection for the game and its participants by eloquently discussing the difficulties that lie ahead for tennis greats Roger Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, and Alcaraz. Tennis fans were moved and motivated by the feelings he conveyed in his remarks, which perfectly encapsulated their abilities, problems, and hopes.

Novak Djokovic retirement rumors

The tennis community has been dealing with Jesus-Fed’s retirement and Rafael Nadal’s declaration that 2024 might be his final season on the tour. Novak ‘Djoker’ Djokovic, the last of the Big Three, now seems to be considering retirement. Despite breaking the men’s singles Grand Slam record, Djoker’s recent Wimbledon defeat has sparked retirement rumors, especially in light of his family’s remarks.

Djokovic’s mother, Dijana, disclosed her son’s wish to retire in the documentary “Novak Djokovic – Untold Stories,” saying that he had “everything” in his great career and may retire immediately. The tennis world has been dealing with Rafael Nadal’s announcement that 2024 might be his final season on the tour and Roger Federer’s retirement. The last of the Big Three, Novak Djokovic, might follow the same path soon. His recent Wimbledon loss has raised retirement talk, particularly in light of his family’s comments. 

While Djokovic’s state of condition suggests he may add more titles to his resume, the Serbian tennis legend’s family’s views suggest a different course. As rumor grows, fans can only wait and see what choice Djokovic will make regarding his brilliant tennis career.


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