Following Paddy Pimblett’s call out, Matt Frevola urges UFC president Dana White to book fight

Following Paddy Pimblett’s latest call-out, Matt Frevola has stated a strong interest in a potential bout between the two in the UFC. Frevola, who defeated Drew Dober at UFC 288, initially requested a matchup with Pimblett but was given a different opponent. Nonetheless, he is eager to return to the Octagon and hopes to fight the Baddy. Despite calling him out, Frevola recognized Pimblett’s skill, calling him “tough on the feet” and “good on the ground.”

Steamrolla’s call-out has generated curiosity among fans and the MMA community due to the possibility of an exciting matchup between two outstanding competitors. The American is hoping that he will have the chance to compete against Pimblett in what could be an exciting lightweight matchup as the road to a potential fight progresses.

Matt Frevola accepts Paddy Pimblett’s challenge

Matt Frevola has gladly accepted the challenge to take on the rising star in the UFC’s lightweight division after Paddy Pimblett’s recent call-out. He has repeatedly expressed his desire to face “the Baddy” and has gained momentum with three straight knockout victories in the opening round, including a dominant victory over Drew Dober at UFC 288.

The 33 years old thinks Pimblett is the best opponent for the bout, despite the fact that several boxers have indicated interest in taking on the veteran. He emphasized that the battle between them is greatly anticipated by the public and that, in his opinion, it is the appropriate matchup for the lightweight class.

Following this, The Steamrolla has also urged UFC President Dana White to book a between the two fighters. While recovering from ankle surgery, the 28 years old acknowledged Frevola‘s abilities and the chance the matchup brings.

Paddy Pimblett’s desire to fight Matt Frevola on UFC return

Paddy Pimblett, the emerging star in the UFC’s lightweight division, has expressed a strong desire to face Matt Frevola when he returns to the octagon.

“The Baddy” has not been in any fights since December, when he fought Jared Gordon at UFC 292. Paddy won the bout by unanimous decision, which many people thought was unfair. It was his third fight of 2022. After the fight in March, he had surgery on his ankle and was told that some cartilage had been lost, and that he may have sustained a grade 2 injury.

Despite the fact that the British is recovering from ankle surgery and is unsure whether he will be available for fights in 2023, he responded positively to The Steamrolla’s challenge and said that he would gladly accept it once he is back in the ring. Even the Baddy said that taking on Frevola would probably be the quickest way for him to climb into the top 15 rankings in the UFC.

Following his victory over Dober, The 33 years old, who is now rated No. 14 in the lightweight class, thinks a contest with Pimblett would be the fight that fans would most like to witness.

The anticipation for this bout between Frevola and Pimblett is rising as the participants eye a potential confrontation. Both contestants have their sights set on one another, and if the circumstances are right, fight fans can be in for a thrilling and eagerly awaited lightweight encounter.

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