Former Lewis Hamilton teammate voices against Hamilton plea to curb Red Bull dominance amid Mercedes contract impasse

Valtteri Bottas holds a different opinion from his former Formula 1 teammate Lewis Hamilton regarding the implementation of a key rule change by the FIA. Bottas disagrees with Lewis’s suggestion of introducing a specific date for teams to commence development work on their cars for the following year.

Hamilton has expressed concerns about Red Bull’s advantage in Formula 1 and their ability to focus on developing next year’s car without worrying about their current car due to their strong position in the championship.

Valtteri Bottas backs “deserving” RB following Hamilton’s call to FIA

Bottas, who was a member of the Mercedes team from 2017 to 2021, holds the belief that the FIA should refrain from taking further actions to intentionally hinder dominant teams in Formula 1. He argues that the existing sliding scale, which imposes limits on aerodynamic testing for constructors’ champions in relation to their competitors, already provides a level of balance in the sport.

Bottas disqualified from F1 British GP qualifying

“I think they deserve it,” Bottas said. “They’ve done a great job with the car. They seem to have a really strong team overall. I don’t see a point of trying to limit someone’s performance. I think already, with the regulations nowadays, if you win the Constructors Championship’, you are already then penalized in terms of wind tunnel time.”

“So I think, in the longer term, that will stabilize things. It’s the nature of the sport. There are always periods when somebody’s dominating, and so on, so I wouldn’t change anything – it’s the name of the game. The people who build the best car deserve it,” he concluded.

Lewis Hamilton’s contract talks with Mercedes stagnated

In further news related to Hamilton, according to former F1 driver David Coulthard, there are doubts surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s awaited contract with Mercedes, suggesting that Hamilton is “not quite settled in his mind.” The prolonged negotiations have led to speculation, with Coulthard suggesting that Hamilton might have reservations about the pace of progress within the Mercedes team.

The former driver stated, “We keep hearing it’s going to be sorted, but why isn’t it? It’s not like they need to get to know each other. They’ve won multiple world championships together. So, I think it shows that he’s just not quite settled in his mind as to, the upgrades are coming, they’re maybe making a little step forward, but they need to take a leap forward to be able to challenge for victories.”

David Coulthard 'really disappointed on a number of things' at the Saudi Arabian GP : PlanetF1Coulthard believes that the main reason for the delay in Hamilton’s contract negotiations with Mercedes may stem from his desire to regain championship contention.

In preparation for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Hamilton confidently stated that the financial terms and duration of his contract had been settled. He brushed off any concerns regarding Mercedes’ intermittent form and their progress in catching up with Red Bull. Hamilton expressed his belief in the team’s capabilities and remained optimistic about their prospects moving forward

Despite the uncertainty, Hamilton hopes to compete in F1 for another five years. What do you think about Hamiltons’ contract with Mercedes? Share your comments down below. 


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