Hours after fearing “Hard Knocks” curse, Jets fans revigorate with $96 million Quinnen Williams reinforcement

Yesterday, it was announced that the Jets will be the team being featured in the Hard Knocks series. It was a shock to many fans as the team had already denied being part of this series and wasn’t adamant about inviting cameras into their organization. However, amid this hope-jittering situation, a new possibility seems to be ignited in the form of Quinnen Williams. 

The Jets have re-signed the defensive tackle bolstering their roster. Now, the team has a more solid roster to hopefully not worry about the Hard Knocks curse and focus on the upcoming season.

Jets championship hopes jittered with “Hard Knocks” announcement

Robert Saleh, the head coach of the team stated that the team will not welcome the camera and they aren’t ready to be a part of the Hard Knocks series. However, the league still selected the Jets for this series. The team couldn’t opt out of this series because of the rules. 

Quinnen Williams

This situation seemingly jittered the hopes of the team to win a Super Bowl this time. Because there is a long-held belief that whichever team gets featured in this series suffers a tragic downfall. The Hard Knocks curse has affected many teams in history and the Jets are also nervous about it. 

Jets bolster roster with DT Quinnen Williams resigning

However, amid all this nervousness and fear of cameras entering the Jet’s organization, a new hope has ignited. The Jets have re-signed Quinnen Williams. In April, Quinnen wanted to sign a new deal and to emphasize his terms, he skipped the voluntary workouts as well.

The team has finally re-signed him with a contract extension of four years. This new deal will pay him $96 million over four years. His deal has the highest total value among all the inferior defensive lines in the NFL. 

Quinnen Williams

“The success of this organization is beyond important to me and completing this deal allows me to turn all my attention to positively impacting that,” Williams said. “I am thrilled to put forth my best efforts alongside my brothers to get prepared for this season ahead of us.”

Now that Williams is back and seemingly ready to put out a strong effort for the team, fans can expect that the fear of the Hard Knocks curse might get somewhat lightened. With the presence of Aaron Rodgers and now Quinnen Williams, the Jets could be a very strong team in the 2023 NFL season.

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