Who is the highest-paid DT in NFL? Examining the payday scale following Quinnen Williams jackpot deal

Now that the NFL 2023 season is finally here, let’s examine who the highest-paid DT in 2023 is. Currently, the best DT in the league is often considered to be Aaron Donald who is also the highest-paid athlete for this position. The list got a major change after Quinnen Williams, the defensive tackle of the Jets, signed a new deal of $96 million.

This jackpot deal made him the second-highest-paid defensive tackle. Earlier he has hesitant to sign a new contract unless some of his terms were met.

Quinnen Williams pens $96 million deal with Jets taking him to second highest-paid DT spot


While Aaron Donald is still the highest-paid DT the second spot has been occupied by Quinnen Williams who recently signed a jackpot deal with the Jets. Williams was persistent to get a new deal for the past few months and the team has finally signed a new deal with him.

He has got a contract extension of four years and will be paid $96 million over four years. Now that Williams is the second highest-paid DT let’s see who secures the third, fourth, and fifth place on this list. 

Top 5 DT in NFL today


Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald is the highest-paid defensive tackle in terms of AAV (Annual Average Value) at $31.67 million. During the last offseason, he got a three-year deal worth $95 million.

Quinnen Williams

After Donald, the second highest-paid defensive tackle is Quinnen Williams in terms of AAV at $24 million. He has recently signed a new deal worth $96 million and his $66 million in total guarantees represent a new high-water mark among DTs.

Daron Payne

The third on the list is Daron Payne who had signed a $90 million extension with the Commanders. He will receive $55.01 million guaranteed at signing. His AAV is $23.5 million.

Dexter Lawrence

Dexter Lawrence is the fourth highest-paid defensive tackle with AAV at $22.5 million. He had signed a $90 million deal with the New York Giants. 

Javon Hargrave

And now, last but not least, fifth on the list is Javon Hargrave, the defensive tackle of the San Francisco 49ers. His AAV is $21 million. He has a $84 million contract with the 49ers.

These are the five top DTs in the NFL. It is probably too early to tell if these players will be able to prove their worth or not. But the amazing deal that Quinnen Williams has signed has shocked many. This Jackpot deal has suddenly made him the second highest-paid DT in 2023.

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