Hours after almost being called the “baddest motherf—er”, LeBron James busts a move at $830000 after-party

Throughout high school, the wife of LeBron James, Savannah James firmly has been by his side. Bryce Maximus, LeBron “Bronny” James Jr., and Zhuri Nova are the couple’s three heirs. They were married in 2013 and are natives of Akron, Ohio.

Without an encouraging and empathetic lady at his side, no guy can succeed, the L-Train seems to support that notion, by all means. The 4-time NBA champion has made it exceedingly apparent that he’d be “absolutely nothing” without his empress in his corner as his NBA career has soared over the years.

Wife Savannah almost called LeBron James the “baddest motherf—er” at ESPY awards

During the ESPYs presentation on Wednesday night, LeBron James’ daughter Zhuri humorously stole the show with a joke that the family will remember for years to come. The youngling who is just 8 presented James with the trophy for breaking the NBA’s all-time scoring record while on stage with her mom Savannah, and siblings Bryce (16), and Bronny (18).

According to USA Today, the queen of the James family started paying the Los Angeles Lakers star the respect he deserves for his accomplishments on and off the court. A prearranged exchange between the mother-daughter team began with Savannah complimenting James, and she was going to end the tribute with a swear word.

The crowd chuckled at the most hilarious joke of the evening when little Zhuri whimsically interrupted her mother before she could finish. “Please welcome to the stage, the GOAT, respectfully, LeBron James,” Savannah stated sheepishly ending her address.

James found the joke amusing and went on stage with his family to accept the honor. He acknowledged the support his wife and kids had given him over his 20-year basketball career and said he would be wearing a Lakers jersey the next year.

LeBron seen vibing at Uninterrupted’s after-party

Flau’jae Johnson played on Wednesday night at an ESPY’s after-party in front of a large crowd that included LeBron James, adding this to his list of amazing things since winning the National Championship.

At the allegedly $830,000 party as reported Johnson performed for “The Akron Hammer” and other famous celebs during the after-party for Uninterrupted in Los Angeles.

Lebron James

Only hours after the Lakers superstar took home the prize for Greatest Record-Breaking Performance, James was naturally all smiles and dancing the night away. James had also declared at the event that he would not be leaving the NBA anytime soon.

For the most part, it is abundantly clear as the career of LeBron James evolves, his family continues to be a constant source of support and motivation igniting his desire to excel both on and off the court and the dance floor.

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