LeBron James stutter three-pointer hailed as a top signature move by Clippers star

During the course of their NBA careers, Paul George and LeBron James have fought fiercely against one another. “King George” and “The Akron Hammer” have played roles as rivals, collaborators, and then rivals once more.

Paul has played a variety of supporting and other roles for James during his more than two-decade career, aside from Paul Pierce, who was arguably his most severe on-court nemesis. George offered an unusual response when asked by some of his pals about which LeBron’s move was difficult to counter.

Paul George raves about LeBron’s signature move

On his podcast, ‘Podcast P with Paul George’, “PG” has discussed numerous amusing tales. He recently revealed to his listeners the move the All-Star forward for the LA Lakers makes that ‘players can hardly stop’. James’ look-down three, according to the LA Clippers forward, was the hardest shot to block.

“It’s so effective, though. What’s the percentage on it? Like, I’ve never seen him miss it,” “The Young Trece” stated.

“You know he about to shoot when he stare at that mother*****. He knows what time it is.”  “I’ve never seen him miss it,” he further stated. “Cause when he do it, like, ‘What the f*** you looking at?’… It’s so effective bro. Funniest clip with Bron, have y’all seen that? It was like a meme where ‘This how old players score or this how old players throw you off.’ He dribbling like he’s tired and he just blow [by you].”

LeBron’s look-down three is unlike other iconic shots in that opponents can see it coming from a mile away. But it still frequently misdirects defenders, allowing the 19-time All-Star to score a basket. The play has been used numerous times by the four-time MVP, but defenses have never really managed to develop a proper strategy to block it.

James has a tomahawk dunk that he typically uses on a fastbreak opportunity in addition to the look-down three. The three-time NBA All-Star Game MVP is renowned for his superb chase-down blocks, which are just another one of his distinguishing techniques. In the 2016 Finals, he famously blocked Andre “Iggy” Iguodala with a splendid chase down.

How many 3 point shots has LeBron missed?

Recently, ever since Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs, “The L-Train” has struggled from beyond the arc in the fourth quarter. He has managed to hit only one three-pointer out of his twenty attempts. Throughout the last quarter of the playoffs, he has missed his previous nineteen three-pointers, marking his most dismal streak in NBA Playoffs’ history over the past 25 seasons.

LeBron James

And overall, 4,302 of LeBron James’ career three-point attempts have been missed to date. Skip Bayless also cited a stunning statistic to denigrate LeBron James. Rarely does the 71-year-old commentator back up his standard tirade against the 19-time All-Star. This time, though, he has provided data to demonstrate what a terrible shooter the basketball’s “greatest driver” actually is.

“LEBRON FANS: Did you know he just set yet another milestone in the NBA playoffs? Since stats were kept, no player has ever missed 17 straight playoff three-point shots. Now LeBron (James) has! And I’m being too hard on him when I say the greatest driver of the ball ever is a lousy 3-pt shooter???” Bayless asked fans on Twitter.

All in all, LeBron James is one of the best basketball players in history, and his influence on the game goes far beyond his ability to hit three-pointers.

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