Franz Tost defends Max Verstappen’s dominance, making bold claim on Red Bull’s performance: “perfect combination”

Love him or hate him, we can not deny the exemplary performance Max Verstappen has showcased this year on tracks. Whether wet, dry or even technical issues, no excuse was problematic enough to slow Mad Max down. 

Max Verstappen is topping the table with a comfortable lead of 69 points over his teammate Sergio Perez. His dominance is nothing new to the F1 world as we take a deep dive into what Franz Tost, Alpha Tauri Team Principal, says about the same. 

Franz Tost argues in favour of Max Verstappen’s dominance

Max Verstappen and his total domination generated discontent among motor racing enthusiasts, who quickly categorised this year’s Formula 1 as ‘boring’ or one-sided. However, Franz Tost, Team Principal of AlphaTauri, who had Max Verstappen under his wing as his official driver in 2015 and, in some parts of 2016, does not agree with this comment and advises to take this with a pinch of salt. 

Franz Tost: "Max did an extraordinary job" -

Tost commented, “It’s not boring; we are sold out in almost all the racetracks, as also happened in the last Austrian GP. The fact that ratings in Germany and Austria are declining is mainly due to the lack of local drivers: when I arrived in Germany in 1988, Formula 1 was a marginal topic. Then Michael Schumacher arrived, and ratings went up, and the same happened in Spain with Fernando Alonso”

While he compares Max Verstappen to Michael Schumacher, important to note that Max still has a long way to go to have the title of a legend synonymous with his name. 

Franz Tost praised Red Bull’s efforts to support Max Verstappen

It is unavoidably true that the technicians behind the RB 19 have worked day and night tirelessly to achieve perfection and a car that withholds the test of time. When asked about the same, Tost commented;

Red Bull has built an excellent car around Verstappen and can also count on a sensational technician – he added – this, combined with the exceptional skills of the driver, constitute a perfect combination. Nobody comes close.” 

“Performance-wise, I think Red Bull can win every race this year, but nothing is certain.” He further added

When your ex Team Principal compares you to Michael Schumacher and puts you on that pedestal, it must truly feel like cloud nine, and this is enough for Max Verstappen to shut down the comments about calling his dominance as boring or unappealing. Tell us in the comments what you feel about Max’s dominance on the track. 

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