“Got so many killer tracks” LeBron James applauds Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII halftime performance

Praising one another is a good term. When it comes about to celebrities it becomes more wonderful. Recently happened something like this regarding LeBron James and Rihanna which made everyone amazed.

One of the greatest singers in recorded history, Rihanna has released some truly incredible tracks. Many think she performed a great job as the performer for the NFL’s Super Bowl half-time show.

LeBron James, the premier player for the Los Angeles Lakers, appears to be one of the musician’s followers and he undoubtedly enjoyed her show. He commented on Rihanna’s vocals on Twitter, saying that she has a lot of “fire tracks.”

“B**** Better Have My Money” was the first song Rihanna sang; a phrase in the song mentions LeBron James. Even without that consideration, Rihanna’s performance was among the finest in recent history, and LeBron James is obviously a fan of her vocal talent. Fans often have strong opinions about halftime show performances, but there is no denying that Rihanna’s song was excellent.

Rihanna is one of many famous people that like watching basketball in their free time. She is a well-known Lakers supporter, and she was one of the well-known people that applauded him after he beat Kareem Abdul-scoring Jabbar’s record.

In 2020, after LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers won the title Rihanna wrote an incredible greeting for the team and LeBron James. She mentioned that Kobe Bryant was “proud” of the achievement, and Rihanna was obviously delighted that her team had succeeded in winning the championship.

The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t been a top-tier club for the bulk of this season, but with what happened at the trade deadline, maybe that may change. They acquired a lot of young, skilled players to their squad, with former All-Star D’Angelo Russell being the most significant addition.

Maybe throughout his time with the franchise, LeBron James will lead the Los Angeles Lakers to another title. If the Lakers earn another, Rihanna will undoubtedly be thrilled, and we’ll see how the team performs in the upcoming. This year, they have a real opportunity to make the playoffs, and if LeBron James returns soon, maybe we’ll see the club go on an undefeated streak shortly.



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