Watch: Jubilant Chiefs players use Lombardi Trophy as champagne slide after winning Super Bowl LVII vs Eagles

When a team achieves the highest success and lifts the trophy with hands, that moment every player of the team becomes crazy with unusual celebration. The Chiefs Super Bowl LVII celebration went in the same way.

Sunday’s 57th edition of the National Football League’s championship game was won by the Kansas City Chiefs against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Chiefs prevailed that evening, 38-35, and sealed the game with a field goal, just as they had done one month earlier to claim the AFC Championship.

The after-match celebrations in the locker room were, as could be expected, somewhat rowdy. The Chiefs kicked up the celebrations while still within the premises at State Farm Stadium after coming back from a 10-point deficit to prevail over one of the most dramatic Super Bowls in recent years.

JuJu Smith-Schuster, a WR for the Chiefs who had a spectacular second half, provided the crowd with a glimpse of the festivities taking on behind the scenes.

It was proven that punter Tommy Townsend poured champagne directly into his lips from the Lombardi Trophy.

Another player was overheard saying, “He’s a dog!” It’s like he’s lost his mind!” His sanity is slipping away. A third member of the Chiefs, Smith-Schuster, joined in on the fun.

A favorable call helped the Chiefs score a crucial first down, and they were able to run out the time and kick the game-winning field goal because of it, making this victory yet another contentious one.




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