“Great fight from both” MMA fighters react to Leon Edwards’ stunning victory vs Kamaru Usman at UFC 286

After tonight’s victory at UFC 286, Leon Edwards has now earned two outstanding dubs in a row over the former P4P king Kamaru Usman. The MMA community was quick to react to Rocky’s dominant and remarkable victory.

In The O2 Arena in London, on the main card of UFC 286, The Nigerian Nightmare and Rocky fought each other for the third time. Edwards, the current welterweight champion, successfully defended his title against Usman, the division’s consensus No. 1 fighter.

How did the MMA community respond to Leon Edward’s victory over Kamaru Usman?

On the heels of the spectacular title battle that took place in the main event of UFC 286, prominent UFC fighters and a plethora of other MMA personalities turned to Twitter to share their thoughts and views. The following section of the article includes some of the responses that have been posted on Twitter.

Cody Durden must have been disappointed as he predicted, ”Main event time! Former pound-for-pound MMA fighter Usman is about to get his title back!”

Retired MMA fighter Alan Jouban pointed out the moment when the momentum shifted away from Leon saying, ”Leon fouling and kind of disputing it is a lack of focus. You can see the momentum shifting away.”

The current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jamahal Hill tweeted praising Edwards saying, ”Leon is playing this perfectly!!! Make him find the range be the longer fighter!!!”

Christopher James Weidman, former UFC Middleweight Champion tweeted, ”Wow! With the point! These are one of these fights I gotta watch back again tomorrow. I thought Usman won.”

Current UFC Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Antoine Sterling also tweeted his reaction saying, ”I think the point deduction is the deciding factor. I think Edwards wins this closely or it’s a draw? What y’all think?”

Welterweight fighter Belal Muhammad with a different opinion tweeted, ”I gave it usman especially with the point.”

One really significant fact to note here is how most fighters scored the fights extremely close. Will we actually see another quadropology? With Leon picking up the win it’s highly unlikely as the Englishman now trails his Nigerian rival by 2-1. UFC also doesn’t seem interested in running the bout back as Colby Covington has been given the next shot at the title.

What is your opinion on the UFC 286 main event?

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