‘He has such a high basketball IQ’ Magic’s SG Jalen Suggs applauds Andrew Nembhard following his stunning performance vs Warriors

Praising teammates is the most beautiful scenario in the sports world. It shows the love for the players. Jalen Suggs praised his mate for being amazing against the Warriors.

Jalen Suggs was at Gonzaga University when he found out that his friend and teammate Andrew Nembhard had been granted a transfer waiver and could finally join the squad. This meant that Suggs, a highly coveted recruit, would play a significantly different position in his first year. However, it made no difference to him. He was eager to team up with the gifted Nembhard.

“I said ‘absolutely, let’s rock.’ From that first tournament on, we were just like that. We clicked. We played off of each other on the court. [We] were always kicking it off the court,” Suggs stated. The former University of Florida player reportedly was reserved at first when arriving at Gonzaga but has since been a more outspoken contributor. “It’s one of those ones when you meet somebody and they kind of come in at a pivotal time in your life. Y’all make so many memories and get close. They become like family.”

Nembhard’s early season success earned him a nomination for Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month. He was the only player selected in the second round to be nominated in either conference, and his stellar defensive play was a major factor in that.

“Not at all, because he has such a high basketball IQ. He can score it,” Suggs claimed that he wasn’t shocked to see his former colleague playing the three position. “When you have guys like that, they’re going to play. They’re going to find their way to a lot of minutes.” He went on to say that even when Nembhard was playing for Gonzaga’s scout team, he still dominated sessions.

Before the season started, many people would have been taken aback by that final phrase. You may cross Jalen Suggs off that list. He has a deeper understanding of Andrew Nembhard than anybody else and can anticipate his every move, whether it be on defense or in a game-winning situation.


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