NFL fans react to Tom Brady’s sideline meltdown during dramatic victory vs Saints

The NFL saga was shown during the match between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints. Tom Brady lost his control from the sideline during this match.

The master of comebacks dominated the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football. With two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, Tampas quarterback Tom Brady and his teammates pulled off a 17-16 victory. The quarterback lost his temper with the squad and things seemed dire, but the club eventually came storming back thanks to the quarterback’s fiery leadership.

Tom Brady, as they say, did it again, shattering any and all comeback records that could have existed. The Buccaneers tied their season record at 3-3 with only three seconds remaining before the final buzzer. Brady’s frustration grew with each passing quarter as the Saints maintained their momentum. Of course, he was angry; he had a good right to be.

The Buccaneers only managed three scores until the last quarter despite having 14 first downs and running 51 more plays than their opponents.

Punter Jake Camarda kicked off the fourth quarter, setting the Saints up at their own 20-yard line. Suddenly, the camera panned to Brady, who had been viewing the movie on his tablet and had lifted his head, exclaiming, “God da–it. What the f— is that!”.

The crowd didn’t think anything of it since Brady shows similar wrath every time the Patriots play the Saints. The seven-time Super Bowl winner broke tablets the last time his team faced the Jameis Winston-led squad.

“I’ve had a pretty bad record against that tablet, unfortunately,” Brady stated on the ‘Let’s Go! Podcast’. He may have been able to hide his competitive spirit behind the password, but the crowd knew better.

Tom Brady has made it a pastime to win games in the last seconds. He has repeatedly shown that age is nothing but a number. He has broken every single record in the history of the NFL. In addition, he added his first home touchdown win versus the Saints with this victory.


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