“He won’t outwrestle me” Kevin Lee finally responds to Khamzat Chimaev’s call outs

Kevin Lee, whose most recent victory in the UFC occurred three years ago and who does not currently have a contract with the promotion, just tweeted that he intends to make a comeback and fight Khamzat Chimaev.

Kevin Lee is currently signed to Eagle Fighting Championship. He was released from the UFC after suffering back-to-back defeats in 2021. He recently expressed a desire to return to the UFC because Eagle is not currently holding shows in the United States.

Khamzat, on the other hand, is in excellent form after his victories against Kevin Holland and Gilbert Burns this year. Chimaev is prepared to face more opponents because his record currently stands at 12 wins and 0 defeats. He has, however, stated on social media that he is the cause of everyone’s fear. In one of his YouTube videos, Chimaev claimed that no one wants to fight him.

“F**k these boys. They gave me four different countries, four different opponents. Nobody wants to fight. It doesn’t matter (170 or 185), (I) just need some opponent… Give me somebody. If the guys run away from me, just give me somebody. I’m ready.” Chimaev added in that video.

In response to Chimaev, Lee stated that not everyone is afraid of the Swedish and he is willing to fight Chimaev.

“I will fight @KChimaev next. He won’t outwrestle me and I’ve never lost a first round. @ufc.”

“All I’m saying is I’m willing. Don’t act like everybody scared of the man,” Lee tweeted.

Will The Motown Phenom make comeback and face Borz in his UFC return? 
Time will tell, but for the time being, fans can be excited that Kevin Lee may fight again in the UFC.

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