Henry Cejudo: “Belal Muhammad is the closest fighter to Khabib Nurmagomedov”

One name that constantly comes to mind when considering the best UFC fighter is Khabib Nurmagomedov. The mixed martial arts world has not yet come across a fighter quite like Khabib after his retirement.

However, Henry Cejudo believes the UFC may have a fighter on par with Khabib’s talent level, and that fighter is Belal Muhammad. Leon Edward and Belal will square off for gold at UFC 300 and is looking to train with Khabib before the big match-up.

Henry Cejudo sees Belal Muhammad embracing Khabib’s legacy

Khabib was an excellent mixed martial artist and always dominated his opponent in the octagon and became the longest reigning UFC Lightweight Champion. Henry, former two division UFC champion believes that Belal Muhammad is the only fighter who gets close to Khabib.

Belal, who holds a record of 23-3-1, will face Leon Edwards in UFC 300 for the Welterweight title. Henry said, “And I will say this man, the closest person to a guy like Khabib Nurmagomedov, his name is actually Belal Muhammad. They both have gotten better but if there is one person I would say evolved more than the other his name is Belal Muhammad.”

Even though Khabib calls his training partner Islam Makhachev a better fighter than himself, Henry thinks differently about it. Calling Belal similar to khabib is a big praise for him but the praise can’t be justified until Belal manages to clinch a UFC title.

Belal Muhammad aims for Dagestan training with Khabib

Belal is eager to learn from the Dagestani legend. It is his desire to train under Khabib Nurmagomedov. Belal desires to practice in the Dagestani manner as his championship bout draws near. He expressed his desire for training in Dagestan training with Master Khabib.

The welterweight title contender said that training with them (Nurmagomedov’s) is not easy, which he believes is perfect for him right now. Belal said, “I’m planning for sure to go to Dagestan and train with those guys. Those guys don’t let you take any days off or any easy rounds. Last time I trained with those guys, we got a dominant finish and I plan to do the same thing.”

“So every round is a lot harder. Every round feels like it’s a new fight. I think that’s an advantage for me because, with a lot of these fighters, you don’t get that uncomfortable feeling until you get to fight night where it’s like, ‘Alright, now it’s finally here. I’ve been thinking about this guy for a month,” Belal added.

Belal thinks that training under Khabib will be highly beneficial for him because of his rigorous and effective training methods, which not all fighters are accustomed to. He will also try to give it his all in the workouts as he gets ready to face Leon and take the belt away from him.


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