Henry Cejudo sheds doubts on Israel Adesanya’s planned break post-UFC 293 upset

Israel Adesanya recently experienced a significant loss, which many consider one of the biggest upsets in both UFC and the entire MMA world. His defeat to Sean Strickland at UFC 293 has left fans and MMA experts pondering what might have led to this unexpected outcome.

An interesting theory regarding Adesanya’s loss revolves around his activity level. Adesanya rarely took breaks from fighting, and this continuous activity potentially had a negative impact on his performance.

Cejudo questions Israel Adesanya’s UFC hiatus

Isreal Adysanya did make a statement recently saying, “Won’t see me fight for a while”. This did not in particular come as a shock to a lot of fighting fans as Israel has been fighting non stop for quite some time.

Henry Cejudo gave his breakdown on this statement from Adesanya. Henry said speaking from experience that Izzy does deserve a break, as fighting continuously has taken a toll on him mentally and physically, which has deteriorated the quality of his performances as well.

The only thing Cejudo was unsure about was, weather Izzy would be back in the octagon or not. He had that thought as he himself did not want to return to fighting after his break, and was happy on the sidelines coaching and helping others get better at the craft.

This hiatus announcement from Izzy gained a lot of support from MMA fans as well as the fighters. Jon Jones was one such fighter who lauded Izzy’s decision of taking a break from the sport.

Adesanya to take a break from competition after Strickland loss

Adesanya is finally taking a break from the octagon. A much deserved break a lot pf MMA fans would say. Izzy was the most active champion in UFC history. A lot of people claim that his loss to Sean was a result of being too active, even Yoel Romero shared that to be the reason for his loss against Sean.

Fans are hoping and praying that they do get to see Izzy step back in the octagon. No one wants his UFC 293 performance to be the last one of his career, thus fans are praying to see him return to the octagon and deliver to the best of his abilities.

What are your thoughts on Isreal’s latest announcement do let us know.


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