“He’s made a career throwing coaches and teammates under the bus” LeBron James allegation on interviewers sparks uproar among fans

Face-to-face interviews are a regular episode for LeBron James. After the loss against the Blazers, he had to deal with the same episode on Monday in a post-match conference. 

In a post-game interview, LeBron James was not going to allow himself to say something unfavorable about Russell Westbrook. The Los Angeles Lakers season ended on a downer when they lost 106-104 to the Portland Trail Blazers with a dubious play by Russ in the final seconds.

This is what the all-star had to say about Westbrook’s performance in the final period, “I don’t know. I feel like this is an interview that’s trying to set me up to say something. I can tell that you guys are in the whole Russell Westbrook category right now. I don’t like to lose, I hate to lose. … I hate losing, especially the way we had this game.”


However, after hearing LeBron James’ statement, Stephen A. Smith also responded angrily to the Lakers star during his appearance on ESPN’s First Take, stressing that James encouraged the question by making a similar comment. Stephen pointed out to James who revealed the team’s shooting struggles following their season opener. Russell Westbrook, who has never been a decent 3-point shooter, became the center of attention as a result of those statements.

There was outrage from fans on social media too.

One follower replied, “He’s made a career throwing coaches and teammates under the bus”

In the end, LeBron and the Lakers can’t afford to let the opinions of others dampen their spirits right now. Since they are now 0-3, they need to find a solution to their losing streak immediately.


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