Mike Evans in serious trouble following tunnel footage emerges NFL star signing autographs for side refs Jeff Lamberth & line judge Tripp Sutter

The actions of NFL referees during games are often the subject of intense criticism. However, Jeff Lamberth and Tripp Sutter are under criticism for an action they took after the game with the involvement of Mike Evans.

Officials Jeff Lamberth and Tripp Sutter did not approach Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans for an autograph after Sunday’s 21-3 defeat to the Carolina Panthers as per an NFL press release.

After the footage of Lamberth and Sutter’s postgame interaction with Evans aired, the league began an inquiry against the officials.

Evans received a piece of paper from Lamberth and Sutter, and he penned something down on it.

NFL officials don’t allow to solicit players, coaches, or other club staff for autographs, as per the league’s CBA.

The media inquired as to the substance of the conversation, and the NFL provided the following explanation, “We won’t have any further comment.”

The Reporter of NFL Network followed up, saying that Evans had given Lamberth his number to give to a golf pro in exchange for lessons.

The league stated in a response that there was no proof that the referees had asked Evans for a signature, but they did mention that the referees were “reminded of the importance of avoiding even the appearance of impropriety.”

This exchange happened after a crushing defeat for the Bucs, who came out scoreless against the NFL’s worst team (1-5).


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