“He’s the nicest guy” Gilbert Burns reveals confrontation story vs Colby Covington at a Casino in Florida

Gilbert ‘Durinho’ Burns is finally back inside the Octagon and he left a very strong statement against Neil Magny. The high-ranked welterweight was struggling to find an opponent for the longest until Magny decided to step up to the task. In the post-fight press conference, the Brazilian shared an interesting encounter story ahead of a potential Gilbert Burns vs Colby Covington matchup.

He described the encounter at a Casino in Florida saying, “I looked at him. I (nodded) my head and he said, ‘Come here.’ I said, ‘Oh sh*t. It’s on.’ I walked to win and … I was ready. I said, ‘What’s up?’ He said, ‘Yo, I’m a huge fan, brother.’ He was super cool. I’m pretty honest right now. I don’t have to lie. He was super cool.”

‘Yo, I’m a huge fan. I’m a character. I just want to make money. I appreciate you. You have a beautiful family.’ He was super cool. It was even getting weird because he was (going) for over two minutes, ‘Bro, I like what you did your last fight.’ I’m like, ‘Man, look at this guy.’” Burns continued.

Is Gilbert Burns right about Colby Covington?

Colby of course is one of the most controversial fighters in the UFC. After his win against Demian Maia, he called Brazil a ‘Dump’ and Brazilians ‘Filthy Animals’. Ever since then, he has only burnt more and more bridges by going against different fighters and coming up with different nicknames for them.

Some fans have enjoyed his antics but many have also found them extremely offensive. Some of the fighters he has rolled with have later revealed that this whole skit is just a persona that Covington pulls off to stay relevant. It is heavily rumored that ‘Chaos’ was scheduled to be cut from the roster after the Maia fight regardless of the result, which is why he adopted this offensive persona.

Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier tried to make Colby break character during one of their interviews but the Welterweight didn’t budge and maintained a straight face.

What is your opinion on a fighter having to come out with such an offensive personality just to not get kicked out of the promotion?


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