“He’s the real problem in LA” Lakers fans mercilessly mock Anthony Davis following injury issues

The Los Angeles Lakers have won 17 NBA titles, making them one of the league’s all-time best. The franchise is constantly on the lookout for the most talented NBA players. Anthony Davis is one of them who joined in 2019 to continue the legacy. The superstar, however, has issued a warning to his followers.

Davis, a power forward with the Los Angeles Lakers, is notorious for being one of the NBA’s most injury-prone athletes in recent times. He possess a lot of potential and is undeniably one of the best forwards in the NBA. Unfortunately, his last several seasons with the Lakers have been derailed by injuries.

Nevertheless, a video of the 29-year-old playing the NBA 2K23 video game and embarrassing himself has gone viral. The realistic gaming mechanics and superior graphics of the NBA video game are well-known. His in-game injury felt authentic since the impacts and injuries in the game are so realistic.

He can relate and react because he sustained a similar injury while guarding the basket. Fans liked the video and said that they thought it was funny and believable at the same time.

The star forward has been the target of repeated fan mockery for these injuries afterward. Some responses from NBA fans on Twitter:

Meanwhile, Anthony Davis has participated in 154 of a possible 226 games this year. He had missed 72 games as a result of his frequent injuries. The Lakers have shown concerns about the fact, and Davis’ wellbeing will highly impact his team’s championship winning chances.


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