Hours after getting fined for ripping off Malik Cunningham’s helmet, Texans CB Jacobi Francis gets sidelined with ankle trouble

NFL preseason games are becoming interesting day by day. With every new game, we get news of something unexpected and intriguing happening. However, for the Texans cornerback Jacobi Francis, the past few days have been very troublesome. 

First, the cornerback faced a penalty in a game against the Patriots and later news broke out that he has been sidelined with ankle trouble. Let’s delve into the details of what has been happening with the 24-year-old in the last two days.

Jacobi Francis sidelined with ankle issue

The Houston Texans had a preseason game on Saturday against the Miami Dolphins. However, cornerback Jacobi Francis didn’t appear in the game. It was reported that Jacobi didn’t play because of a sprained ankle. 

The team lost to the Miami Dolphins in the game. Jacobi is a crucial player on the roster of Texans. He appeared in the preseason opener game in which he played 48 percent of the team’s defensive snaps. Now the team has a final preseason game against the Saints this Saturday, and it is unclear whether Jacobi will be able to play or not.

Jacobi Francis

The Saints and the Texans had decided to have a joint practice session before this final game but because a lot of Texans players are injured including Jacobi Francis, both teams have canceled the joint practice game.

The Texans released a statement, “Our two teams have mutually agreed to cancel the joint practices that were scheduled in New Orleans this week. After our head coaches spoke earlier today, we decided this was in the best interest of both teams.”

Let’s see if Jacobi Francis will be able to recover soon and join the preseason finale. If not, then we hope we’ll get to see the cornerback play in the regular season. 

Texans CB fined for Cunningham scuffle

In last week’s preseason game against the Patriots, Jacobi Francis didn’t have any injury or sprained ankle, but the game still didn’t go well for him.

During the game, he mistakenly ripped off the helmet of Patriots quarterback Malik Cunningham. He was trying to bring down the scrambling quarterback during the fourth quarter but ended up ripping off his helmet which fell on the ground. 

Immediately a flag was thrown on the field indicating that the cornerback will face a penalty. The NFL has fined him $4,833. 

After the game, Cunningham talked about this incident and laughed off the matter saying, “That was crazy.” For Cunningham it was funny, but it cost the Texans cornerback a lot of money. At this point, we can just say Jacobi Francis is having bad days. First this huge fine and now a sprained ankle. We hope he recovers soon to play in the preseason finale and join the Texans in the regular season as well.

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