Is eight Super Bowl ring winner Bill Belichick a Swiftie? Exploring Patriots HC’s major Taylor Swift praise

The magic of Taylor Swift has been spreading widely in the NFL with famous players like Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers attending her concerts. But no one expected the New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick to be a Swiftie. 

The head coach recently praised Taylor Swift in an interview which has left fans wondering whether the coach is also a Swiftie or not. Bill Belichick attended her one concert and couldn’t hold but praise the superstar calling her ‘tough.’

Patriots HC shows his Swiftie side with major Taylor Swift praise

During Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, one night she performed in the rain. It started raining heavily during her concert in Foxboro’s Gillette Stadium and the superstar didn’t stop singing but rather continued her concert in the heavy rain.

Bill Belichick

The Patriots coach Bill Belichick recently shared that he was also present in that concert and watched Taylor Swift perform in the rain. The 71-year-old praised Taylor Swift for her determination to perform for her fans.

The coach said that he was impressed by how Taylor performed despite the rain. “That was pretty impressive. She’s tough, man. Just stood out there and played right through it.”  

This statement came as a shock for everyone as Bill Belichick is a man notorious for being very reserved on the other hand Taylor Swift’s songs are all about sharing your feelings and wearing your heart on your sleeves.

When the head coach was asked about whether he is a Swiftie or not he said he’s not sure about it. “Officially? I don’t know about that.”

The coach doesn’t even have any idea what it means to be a Swiftie. 

“I don’t know what officially is. What does that mean, like you have a sweatshirt or something?”

But the coach also shared lyrics of one of her songs, “You need to calm down.” He said these lyrics fit into various situations. 

“That’s pretty good, like you’ve got to calm down. There’s a lot of times when that’s very appropriate. You’ve got to calm down.”

The fact that the HC even knows the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s songs clarifies that he is indeed a Taylor Swift fan, or we should say Swiftie. 

How many Super Bowls has Bill Belichick win?

Bill Belichick is currently the head coach and general manager of the New England Patriots. He is considered one of the best coaches in the league

Bill Belichick

He holds the record for most Super Bowl wins; he won six with the New England Patriots as their head coach. The remaining two Super Bowl titles he won as the defensive coordinator of the New York Jets. Combined the HC has the record of winning eight Super Bowl titles.

Such great personalities like Belichick praising Taylor Swift are a testament to her success. Taylor is one of the biggest music icons in this era and now that the best coach in the NFL has also praised her there is no doubt left in it.

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