Hours after LeBron James bestows Kyrie Irving with the “best player with the ball ever” crown, King’s devotee drops revelation on Lakers icon

This offseason, the LA Lakers did a fantastic job of assembling a roster around LeBron James. The Lakers have retained their core lineup after reaching the Western Conference Finals and have made some important rotational acquisitions.

While the outcome of this summer was remarkable, the Lakers have also kept the possibility of making midseason adjustments if needed. Most significantly, the group almost certainly indicated that D’Angelo Russell will be traded at some point in the upcoming campaign if his situation begins to resemble the Western Conference Finals.

NBA reporter claims LeBron James still hopes to reunite with Kyrie Irving

LeBron James, who is the face of the team, will undoubtedly have some influence on whatever the Lakers decide. LeBron might try to use Los Angeles to obtain what he ultimately wants, which still appears to be playing with Kyrie Irving once more if Russell is being shopped about.

On his “Brian Windhorst and The Hoop Collective” podcast, ESPN’s LeBron expert Brian Windhorst, who has covered the player extensively throughout his career, outlined why he thinks James may still be eyeing a reunion with Kyrie.

“I will say this: I do think LeBron has an interest in playing with Kyrie Irving again. I think he likes the idea of playing with Kyrie — the concept of playing with Kyrie and Anthony Davis. I have long said the best big-man pairing that LeBron’s ever had, as far as pure fit, is Anthony Davis. I believe the best guard pairing LeBron’s ever had is Kyrie Irving.”

It’s crucial to note that Windhorst made it clear that James might be open to playing with Anthony “The Brow” Davis and Kyrie “Kyrazzle-Dazzle” Irving. LeBron eventually moving to Dallas would be one thing, especially if Bronny James is selected there in the draft. Yet, it would have to take place in LA if Kyrie and Davis were to play together.

James openly praised Kyrie of IG story praising him to be “best player with the ball ever”

For a very long time, there have been rumors that LeBron James is actively courting Kyrie Irving to join the Lakers. The Lakers initially tried to deal for Irving by the 2023 trade deadline. The team made more changes throughout the offseason after that failed. The ex-Nets guard ultimately agreed to a $126,000,000 agreement with the Dallas Mavericks.

LeBron James

LeBron James recently used social media to celebrate his old teammate, even if he was unable to sign Irving to his squad. “This has nothing to do with his[Irving’s] “all-time ranking“ but this is the best player with the ball we ever seen,” an aficionado named Swoosh noted on Twitter. James agreed with the perspective by underlining the quotation and writing “EVER!!!!!” underneath it. James is not claiming that Kyrie is the best player ever or anything of the ilk.

Instead, he just implies that he is the best-skilled basketball player in history. Those who hear The L-Train’s assertion might immediately mention Stephen Curry. Nonetheless, it’s challenging to refute Kyrie’s position. Over the years, the eight-time All-Star has solidified his status as a top ball handler at least in the eyes of the “King” Lebron James.


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