Hours after victory over Jalin Turner in UFC 290, Israel Adesanya’s teammate issues gruesome update

At UFC 290, Dan Hooker defeated Jalin Turner, but there are rumors that his victory cost him something. Few hours after the thrilling victory, Hooker reportedly discovered he had a serious injury.

It appears that Dan Hooker suspected he may have suffered a broken arm during his split decision victory over Jalin Turner at UFC 290. Despite this suspicion, when commentator Joe Rogan asked him about it during the post-fight interview, Hooker showed no signs of discomfort and instead brushed it off as a minor scratch.

Dan Hooker shows physical toll of T-Mobile Arena showcase

Hooker, overly joyed by his back to back victories, didn’t exhibit any visible signs of distress during the interview. Not just Dan, rather MMA fighters in general, are known for their resilience and mental toughness, which could probably be the reason.

Dan’s nonchalant response could be a strategic move to downplay the severity of his injury and highlight his victory instead. However, as the lightweight fighter was taken quickly to the hospital for an x-ray, the report came out later. 

A few hours later, the 33-year-old fighter shared the x-ray report on his social media accounts. Now it is pretty clear that during his octagon battle he suffered a broken bone which is going to keep him out of action for a while for sure. 

Israel Adesanya schooled Dan Hooker brutal approach

Dan Hooker, who trains alongside middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, showcased his superior skills and in the end outclassed Jalin Turner during their fight in the octagon.

Despite the thrilling nature of the encounter, Hooker displayed sportsmanship and acknowledged Turner as a worthy opponent, giving him the credit he deserved for his abilities.

“He’s a tough kid. I wanted [my blonde hair] pink from the fight and I got it. He’s a tough kid. He’s got a big future. I respect him a lot. I’m just so appreciative of everyone’s support and everyone that stuck by me and knew I’d come through the other side.” Hooker said.

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