How many MVPs has Patrick Mahomes won? exploring NFL MVP winners

Patrick Mahomes was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2017 NLF Draft. Along with the team, this professional footballer won two Super Bowls and many prestigious honors. At the age of 27, this player is already at the peak of stardom and looking forward to doing some more wonders on the NLF grounds.

Becoming a ‘Most Valuable Player’ is a cherished title to attain for which the NFL players toil day and night and polish their potential. After making his debut in 2017, Mahomes has bagged this honor a couple of times making his MLB pitcher dad Pat Mahomes proud.

So, it is time to search through Patrick Mahomes’s career statistics to find out the number of MVPs he has won.

How many MVPs has Patrick Mahomes won?

The Kansas City star won the highest individual honor of the NFL, the MVP award twice till now. He won his first MVP in 2018. The year was one of the most fruitful years in his career till now and Mahomes received several honors for the season. But surpassing all of the accolades, becoming an MVP was his biggest achievement.

In 2023, the quarterback won his second MVP for his outstanding performance in several areas including passing yards and passing touchdowns.

Who is the youngest MVP in NFL history?

Jim Brown - Wikipedia

Jim Brown holds the position of the youngest NFL MVP winner. He was an active player from 1957 to 1965. The footballer won the MVP award in 1957 when he was only 21 years old.

Currently, he is acting both as an actor, and a sports analyst.

Who is the youngest player to win two MVPs in NFL history?

Jim Brown makes his way into this list too. The former NLF player won two MVP awards by the time he was only 22 years of age. Moreover, this legend had achieved these MVPs in consecutive years!

At 21 years old Jim was playing for the Cleaveland Browns in 1957 and participated in all 12 games in the season scoring ten astonishing touchdowns. Brown did not stop there, the very next year at age 22 the legend carried his impressive form and created a major impact on his team by scoring more than the previous season with eighteen insane touchdowns to his name! 

With the modern game evolving no player has yet to come close to Jim and his record of becoming the youngest player to win two MVPs not to mention he did them in a row— in back-to-back seasons!

Has anyone won two NFL MVPs in a row?

Many players won MVP in a row. Let’s have a look-

  • Jim Brown: 1957-1958
  • Joe Montana: 1989-90
  • Brett Favre: 1995-97
  • Peyton Manning: 2003-04, 2008-09
  • Aaron Rodgers: 2020-2021

Undoubtedly, earning the MVP adds more sparks to the life of a footballer and gives the inspiration to go ahead with the view to achieving more success in the near future. As for Patrick Mahomes, his young player has his entire career ahead of him to explore more of his mastery.

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