Ex-MMA star Michael Bisping anticipates Alex Pereira’s improved durability at light heavyweight

After losing to Israel Adesanya, Alex Pereira decided to go up a weight division. According to Michael Bisping, Pereira’s choice to go up to light heavyweight will make him considerably more durable than he is right now.

On April 9 at the Miami-Dade Arena in Miami, Florida, Poatan competed for the middleweight championship against The Last Stylebender in a highly anticipated matchup. Following defeats in kickboxing and MMA, Izzy finally exacted revenge on Brazilian, his greatest foe, in Miami’s main card fight.

What does Michael Bisping have to say about Alex Pereira’s intention to jump weight classes?

Recently, Michael Bisping addressed the topic of Alex Pereira switching from middleweight to light heavyweight on his YouTube channel. The Brazilian fighter’s choice to switch to 205 pounds is appreciated by the British sports analyst.

“You’ve got to think that Alex Pereira at 205 will be even better than what he was at 185. Those hard weight cuts, and look at the size of Pereira. That was a tough weight cut every time he did it.” said Bisping. 

In the past, Bisping competed in the light heavyweight and middleweight weight classes. Hence, the former middleweight champion is speaking from experience when he claims that given Pereira’s strength, structure, and physical build, it would be much more convenient to reach the optimum weight for Poatan. 

“They drain you, they sap you, they affect your stamina, they affect your recovery, they affect the training camp because you can’t eat carbohydrates, and you can’t recover from one session to the next. You get tired as the fights go on and more importantly, they affect your ability to take a punch.” Bisping added. 

The British sports analyst thinks that if Pereira climbs to 205 pounds, all of the problems he had at middleweight will be resolved since he will be bigger, better, fitter, and stronger, with greater stamina and output.

How do you anticipate Alex Pereira performing at light heavyweight? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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