How much does it cost to run commercial on Super Bowl?

The NFL is one of America’s most, if not the most, popular sports. People go crazy for football. So much so that they would not even mind buying Brady sand for $100K! When it comes to the Super Bowl, fans remain glued to their screens, making Super Bowl commercials very expensive. So how much does a Super Bowl commercial cost?

This price will certainly blow your minds off. Super Bowl commercials are so expensive that anyone can spend their entire life with the amount. 

How much does a Super Bowl commercial cost?

A Super Bowl commercial costs $7 million per 30 seconds. Insane right? Well, over the years, the number of viewers of the Super Bowl has increased, so the price of commercials has also risen. 

Going back to 1967, the price per 30 seconds was only $42,500, and the numbers after that year started to skyrocket. Coming into the twenty-first century, the price went over the million mark. While it was 1.2 million dollars in 1995, it doubled in 2005. 

In the 2010s, the price reached a staggering mark of $3 million and stayed below the $5 million range until the 2020s. So, in the last three years, the price crossed a million constantly, while per 30 seconds cost was $5.5 million in 2021; it became $6.5 the following year. Now it is $ 7 million! Here is a tweet that shows how the amount has risen over the years-

The man in the tweet, Joe Pompliano, does not stop there. Later, he points out the overall ad revenue of the Super Bowl. In his tweet, Joe shared a chart and wrote, “Every Super Bowl since at least 2003 has had 40+ minutes of commercials, with some games reaching 50+ minutes of commercials. That’s 80-100 commercials per game.”

Looking at his calculations, the Super Bowl this season made $560 million! This might even double next year. Fox was the official broadcast partner of the Super Bowl this year, and while they have their share of issues with the American president, they still managed to do great business.

What might the Super Bowl commercial cost be by the next year? You can share your thoughts in the comments.


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