Why did POTUS Joe Biden decline Super Bowl interview with Fox?

The Super Bowl on Sunday promises to be exciting. With the main event of the NFL just around the corner, many people were looking forward to hearing from president Joe Biden regarding his thoughts on the game. Although, channels like CBS and NBC did interview the president. Joe Biden did not allow Fox to take his interview. 

Joe Biden
Joe Biden will not sit with Fox Corp.

Why did Joe Biden not allow Fox to take his interview?

Initially, Joe Biden did schedule an interview with Fox Soul. However, he backed out once there were some issues from both sides. There were miscommunications as Fox Corp. tried to contact the White House. 

Later the White House, with its press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tweeted that Fox Corp. had canceled the interview saying,

“The President was looking forward to an interview with Fox Soul to discuss the Super Bowl, the State of the Union, and critical issues impacting the everyday lives of Black Americans. We’ve been informed that Fox Corp has asked for the interview to be canceled.”

However, Fox denied the allegation, said there was some “confusion” regarding the schedule, and wanted to get the interview back on track with Vivica A. Fox hosting the interview. 

The White House did not see the issue as a “confusion” and released their statement to NBC News on Friday where they said, “As we said earlier, we had arranged an interview with FOX Sports Host Mike Hill & Vivica A. Fox with the president ahead of the Super Bowl and Fox Corp had the interview canceled. FOX has since put out a statement indicating the interview was rescheduled, which is inaccurate.”

Is there any political tension between Fox and Biden?

There is some political tension between Fox and Joe Biden. Fox is alleged to share negative news about the president as he is a Democrat politician. On the other hand, People like Eric Deggans went on to tweet, “Masterful move by Biden, arranging a Super Bowl interview w/Black-focused Fox Soul, sidestepping Fox News Channel…”

There is, undoubtedly, some political tension between the TV channel network and Biden with his administration. Whether the interview was canceled intentionally remains unclear. However, by canceling it, Biden is back in a negative spotlight. Over the years, many presidents, including former President Donald Trump, have had similar records. 

Coming back to the Super Bowl, Joe and his family will watch the main event of the Super Bowl from their home and will support the Eagles as first lady Jill Biden is a huge fan of the team.


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