Super Bowl LVII: Hollywood star Bradley Cooper fires up Eagles’ players ahead of game vs Chiefs

The Philadelphia Egles will take on the Chiefs in the all-important Super Bowl LVII encounter on Sunday. Before the game starts, both teams prepare to bring their “A” game and give it their all to win. The Eagles team might be more hyped up, thanks to Bradley Cooper. 

Copper loves his Eagles side, which was quite evident when they defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game. Celebrating the Engales win, Bradly got viral on Twitter and is still gaining views, as the post got over a million likes.

Now that his team is in the Super Bowl, Bradley Cooper has released a video sharing the Philadelphia Eagles’ journey. The intense video will surely fire the player up before the NFL’s main event. 

What does Bradley Cooper say in the video?

Bradley starts the video by saying, “We have an obsession around here. To stay in the moment. To focus on every single detail: the next minute, the next meeting, the next practice, the next game.”

Then the intense video shifts back and forward to the Eagles team and the people of Philadelphia, who are, undoubtedly, one of the most passionate fan bases in the NFL. The video also features the star quarterback Jalen Hurts. The quarterback’s experience, both on and off the field, is detailedly highlighted in the video, showing the audience how much hard work he puts in before jumping onto the field.

There are certain moments of the NFC Championship games as well. One of the moments that will catch the eyes of the fans will be when Brock Purdy gets injured as the Eagles defeat the 49ers. 

However, with the background music and the intensity of Cooper’s voice, the Eagles team will be pumped up and ready to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Even while the video ends, Bradly encourages his Eagle team to “bring back” the trophy.

With such an electric and hyped-up video, can the Eagles live up to their promise? Or will it be Patrick Mahomes and his Chiefs? Who will win the Super Bowl? Stay tuned and find out on Sunday.



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