Super Bowl LVII: Aerobatics show to feature all-women pilot team first time in NFL history

Super Bowl LVII will occur on Sunday at State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona. The Eagles will take on the Chiefs, which will be an electric contact as both are the tournament’s top teams this season. However, football is not the only exciting thing about the main event, as it also has the famous halftime show and the pregame flyover. A women’s pilot team will conduct the flyover in this year’s Super Bowl and present a great show for the audience. 

Lt. Peggy Dente of the U.S. Navy will lead the naval aviators’ team. She, along with her crew, represents the women in the U.S. Navy. Women nowadays are getting enough opportunities and are fulfilling their dreams. With that being said, about 15% of naval aviators are women. However, the situation of women in the defensive force was not always this good. Back in 1973, only eight women were given the opportunity. 

Moreover, now that women are getting equal scope in the team, Lt. Arielle Ash shared her thoughts and said, “It’s definitely a huge honor to be asked to do this and to celebrate those women that have paved this way for all of us.” 

On the other hand, Lt. Dente also shared her opinion and said, “I think it’d be crazy if you weren’t a little bit nervous, but a little bit of nerves keep you honest, keeps you humble, and keeps you focused on the mission.”

The team leader had other inspiring words for the youngsters who desire to join aviator teams.

What message did the women’s pilot team leader give to youngsters?

Firstly, Lt. Peggy clarifies that her message is not for only girls but for “young people.” Secondly, the team leader asks youngsters to set dreams and follow them. Finally, she advises “young people” to be focused and not lose their minds off their goals. 

Women pilot team
Lt. Peggy Dente shares motivation.

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