Howie Long discusses son Kyle’s starstruck reaction to Patrick Mahomes, considering the Chiefs QB as “the closest thing in NFL to Michael Jordan”

Patrick Mahomes reigns supreme as the unrivaled star of the Kansas City Chiefs. Acknowledged as the pinnacle player in the league, the QB consistently garners praise. However, amidst the accolades, the decline in his performance this season has stirred some criticism

However, Howie Long, a seasoned NFL defensive end, who played for the Chiefs still has unwavering belief in the QB’s abilities and shared how his son thinks highly of Mahomes. 

Howie Long discusses son Kyle’s awe-inspiring experience with Patrick Mahomes

Howie Long recently shared his son’s awestruck moment with the Chiefs QB, Patrick Mahomes.

Howie shared that Kyle was greatly impressed by the QB. He likened him to Michael Jordan in terms of his competitive nature, physical abilities, and determination to win.

“Kyle was blown away by Patrick Mahomes and felt like Patrick was the closest thing in the NFL to Michael Jordan in terms of his competitive nature, his physical abilities, his die to try to win.”

Howie Long shared an incident of his son being present in a Chiefs game in extreme weather conditions.

“A week ago the wind was blowing, -10 degrees, and Kyle was there on the bench pregame.”

Kyle expressed concern about the weather conditions and inquired with the coach about running the ball more during the game.

“Before it started, he (Kyle) was sitting, he turned to the coach and said we are going to run the ball more today right?”

The coach pointed to Patrick Mahomes as the reason to continue with the passing game despite adverse weather conditions.

“The coach said you see that guy (Patrick Mahomes), he throws through the winds.”

This story shared by Howie Long showcases Kyle Long’s admiration for the QB, drawing parallels to iconic athlete Michael Jordan. Kyle was astounded by Mahomes’ ability to navigate adverse weather conditions and still maintain a passing-focused strategy.

Patrick Mahomes can lead Chiefs to back to back Super Bowl victory according to Kyle

Kyle Long, a former Chiefs member, appeared on the This Is Football podcast with Kevin Clark. Long elaborated on his time as Mahomes’ teammate, comparing the experience to being in the presence of legendary athletes like Michael Jordan, top baseball players, Shohei Ohtani, and Tiger Woods.

“As you and I know, we could only dream of being in the locker room with Michael Jordan or being in the clubhouse with, you name it, the best baseball players or Shohei (Ohtani) and then Tiger Woods. Well in football, albeit I didn’t get to play in any football games with him, Patrick Mahomes was that for me and I think I’m not the only one who has that feeling. And they get to share that locker room with him. He’s a man to them, and then he puts his helmet on and it becomes something else.”

Patrick Mahomes
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The timing of Long’s praise is quite ironic considering the Chiefs had the worst season this year. There are doubts about the team winning the Super Bowl this year. However, Howie Long still has a firm faith in the QB’s abilities. 

“Uh, yeah, 100%,” Long said. “I think Patrick’s so damn good, he could throw it up to himself and catch it.”

He pointed out the recent offensive performance, mentioning Travis Kelce’s drops and the challenging weather conditions. 

“We looked at the way this offense looked the other night, and Travis had three drops. And they were still rolling, and the ball was a brick. The ball was a brick, OK? Do not let that go without noticing. It’s cold out, it hurts to get hit, but the ball is exponentially harder to catch and throw. So I look at those plays, and that’s missed opportunities. That could’ve been every bit a blowout as we saw in Houston.”

While Howie Long has unwavering belief in Patrick Mahomes’ ability to lead the team to another Super Bowl victory, the team has yet to win the divisional round game against the Bills.

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