Jake Paul hints another pro boxer opponent with a ‘better record than Andre August’ for March fight

Jake Paul is making waves in the ever-changing world of celebrity boxing. This time The Problem Child is giving clues about who he might face in the highly anticipated battle in March.

Undoubtedly, Jake the YouTuber turned boxer, has left his stamp on the sport. He has more career momentum now that he has defeated Andre August. He has made a revelation regarding the fight purse of his next battle thanks to his ongoing success in the sport.

Jake Paul drops more hints on his opponent for March fight

Earlier Jake Paul declared that he was in the boxing business for a reason greater than money and notoriety, and he appears committed to that goal. His confidence in himself is clearly sky high after defeating Andre August via first-round knockout.

Rumors regarding his possible opponent are circulating as his next fight in March draws near. Rumor has it that a pro boxer with a record greater than Andre August will be his next opponent. Although Andre was a professional boxer with a 10-1-1 record before his battle against Paul, Jake has primarily faced well-known personalities from the Internet industry.

If rumors about Andre’s past are to be true, his next opponent will be more seasoned and have a better record. Paul is scheduled to feature on the Serrano vs Meinke undercard on March 2 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His next opponent not only has a better record but also some regional titles. Jake said that this fight will be a step up for him in the competition. Jake will reveal his opponent on January 30.

Jake Paul vows to donate his entire fight purse to Boxing Bullies

‘The Problem Child’ runs a non-profit Boxing Bullies, who partnered with WBO to renovate more gyms in the USA. In a recent Press Conference Jake Paul announced that he has will be donating all his fight purse to Boxing Bullies in order to renovate more gyms in Puerto Rico, where his next fight is scheduled.

He said that Boxing Bullies will by motivating kids towards the sport by providing them facilities. Jake said, “I’m actually going to donate my entire fight purse to ‘Boxing Bullies’ to renovate more gyms in Puerto Rico”

Since Jake Paul said he would give his fight money, the speculation has intensified. His opponent’s identity will make estimations simpler. Irrespective of the sum involved, Jake’s initiative is commendable, and WBO President Francisco Valcarcel has expressed his support for the commendable efforts.


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