Jake Paul reveals his genuine motivation behind aspiring to be a boxing world champion: “my sacred responsibility”

Jake Paul used his online reputation to start a successful boxing career and quickly gained fame and fortune. But while the financial rewards and attention are high, Paul says he has a deeper purpose to reach the highest level in the sport.

Despite his controversial and influential personality, Paul insists that his motivation to become a boxing world champion comes from more than money, clicks and violence. According to Paul, he feels a real calling from within to do something great and he inspires others to do the same.

Jake Paul reveals why he want to become boxing world champion

As of right now, Jake Paul is a 9-1 professional boxer who fights in the cruiserweight division. Jake has revealed a more significant and profound motivation behind his desire to compete in the sport. He claims that his motivations go beyond fame and fortune.

He said that he was in a spiritual ceremony earlier this year and found that his sacred responsibility is to be the World Champion. He is destined to be the world champion, according to him.

He said, “I believe that every individual on this planet has a sacred responsibility and uncovering what that is for yourself is a big part of one’s journey. Earlier this year in a spiritual ceremony I saw clearer than ever what my sacred responsibility was – to become world champion. This is what I was destined to do.”

On the exterior, Jake doesn’t appear to be a spiritual person. No one in the world knew about this side of Jake. It’s astounding how deeply he explained his commitment to the sport.

When is Jake Paul’s next boxing fight?

Jake Paul arrives fresh off a convincing victory over Andre Auguest. He said that he had manifested himself when he stopped Andre August in the first round. After a major victory like this, he is on cloud seven.

According to reports, “Problem Child” is in negotiations with his next opponent and will be actionable in March. For his upcoming bout, he is in early talks with Ryan Bourland (17-2). In addition to Ryan, he sent a contract to another fighter. Ryan was confirmed to be one of the fighters to receive a contract from his organization, as he stated in his message for the new year.

Jake, in his new year post, said, “My team sent out two contracts today. Let’s see which of the two potential opponents accepts first. Saturday March 2nd. Puerto Rico. Live on DAZN.”

While the money, fame and headlines appeal to Paul too, he says chasing once-improbable boxing greatness has become about more than that—it’s personal. It is clear that Jake will be in action in March; it is just a matter of time to know who he will face in the ring.


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