LEGO Fortnite: How to get iron bars and what are its functions?

LEGO and Epic Games just recently started a partnership in 2023. Starting with building block toys, LEGO is now all set to take on the metaverse. This partnership has resulted in an all-new game mode by the name of LEGO Fortnite. It is a survival-crafting game that includes all the cosmetics from the original Fortnite game, except in LEGO World.

Iron bars in the game of LEGO Fortnite are important resources that are used for crafting purposes. LEGO Fortnite has incorporated the realism of the whole process of obtaining iron and processing it, yet has excellently added its own element to it.

Detailed Guide: How to get iron bars in LEGO Fortnite?

LEGO Fortnite is a game of survival from fellow players, wild beasts, harsh climates, etc. Survival requires adequate preparation and the right tools.

In the Frostlands, there are caves where iron can be found. Entering these caves requires careful preparation, as they are inhabited by formidable monsters and contain hard-to-reach areas with iron deposits.

Mining iron is no easy task, as it requires the use of an Epic pickaxe. After acquiring iron, players can transform it into iron bars using a metal smelting workstation. However, this recipe is only accessible once they have obtained Brightcore.

What makes this process even more difficult is collecting the enormous amount of items required for the recipes of Epic Pickaxe and the Metal Smelter.

What are some of the uses for iron bars in LEGO Fortnite?

The iron bar holds huge value for LEGO Fortnite players, serving as the primary component for various weapons. As the game progresses, the need for iron bars becomes apparent, adding an intriguing twist to the proceedings.

Iron bars are used to craft powerful longswords that are essential for defending against dangerous creatures and engaging in player-versus-player combat.

Additionally, players can utilize epic shovels to cultivate crops and grow food. Epic Pickaxes can be crafted using iron bars, allowing players to efficiently generate more of this valuable resource.

Iron bar is thus a very important and almost indispensable part of the later game of LEGO Fortnite. The quantity of iron bars someone possesses, along with their intelligent use, can take a player a long way into this game.


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