“I can’t blame him”: Fans jibe at Tyson Fury over Gypsy King’s recent refusal to fight UFC Champ Jon Jones

Tyson Fury has received a lot of criticism from fight fans on social media for ducking Jon Jones’ callout for a fight inside the octagon. The Gypsy King downplayed Jon’s challenge by saying that he is not interested in an MMA fight and will only entertain callouts for a boxing bout.

A few days ago, Fury met Israel Adesanya and the two fighters were having a fun-loving banter. During this conversation, The Gypsy King reiterated that he wants nothing to do with Mixed Martial Arts and confirmed that he will never step inside the octagon.

Fans react to Tyson Fury training with former UFC fighter Darren Till

Last week, video footage surfaced online of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury training with MMA fighter Darren Till. In this clip, the two fighters were training in MMA and in one of the exchanges Till took down Fury very easily.

This clip of Fury getting taken down became viral on social media and fans reacted to it and made comparisons of how Jon Jones would destroy the WBC heavyweight champion inside the octagon. Here are some tweets from fans who took a jibe at Tyson Fury.

How did the online spat between Fury and Jon Jones start?

Earlier this month, Tyson Fury came back from his vacation and posted a video on social media. In this clip, The Gypsy King responded to Joe Rogan’s comments about him and even went on to claim that “Not a man born from a mother can f**k me up.”

Thereafter Jon Jones replied to Fury’s tweet and called him out for a fight inside the octagon. This led to a back-and-forth between the two fighters as The Gypsy King rejected Jon’s idea and challenged him to a boxing bout. Their argument didn’t stop here as Jon posted a video on his Instagram story and laughed at Fury for backtracking from his comments.

  Consequently, fight fans criticized Fury and supported Jones because he was the one to make a bold statement. Do let us know in the comments section below what will be the outcome if the two athletes square off against each other inside the octagon.


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