“You’re motherf*****g dirty dawg”: Celtics SG Jaylen Brown calls out Kyle Lowry for unsportsmanlike conduct in game 6 win vs Heat

Tensions are high between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics as they get ready for their Game 7 matchup. In the middle of the contentious playoff series, Jaylen Brown of the Celtics has accused Kyle Lowry of the Heat of being a nasty player.

The decisive battle now has an additional layer of antagonism due to the ferocity of their on-court confrontations. In this much anticipated Game 7, which will continue the heated rivalry between the Heat and the Celtics, both teams will be aiming for victory and a position in the next round, so tensions are likely to be high.

What Jaylen Brown shouts at Kyle Lowry in game 6?

The intense playoff series between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat has been marked by the ongoing rivalry between Jaylen Brown and Kyle Lowry. In Game 6, tensions reached a boiling point as an unchecked foul by Lowry left Brown fuming.

Despite not being the most productive player for the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, Brown exhibited tremendous effort and had a breakout performance in Game 6, scoring 26 points. However, his stellar outing wasn’t without a few physical altercations. While battling for a rebound, Brown endured significant contact from Lowry, who forcefully twisted Brown’s wrist while escaping the box-out.

Unsurprisingly, Brown was livid with Lowry’s actions. Engaging in a heated exchange of words, Brown confronted Lowry directly, expressing his frustration:

“Aye, relax. You’re motherf**king dirty, dawg.”

He also called on the nearest official to review the incident, emphasizing Lowry’s unsportsmanlike conduct:

“Aye, bro. Go rewatch that sht. Man is always starting sht, dawg. Trying to break my f**king arm, bro. Review that sh*t. Come on, dawg.”

Brown and Lowry continued to argue before Brown could make his free throws, ratcheting up the tension. But the argument quickly died down, enabling the game to continue.

The Celtics ensured a crucial Game 7 on their own court with a thrilling 104-103 victory in Game 6. As Boston competes for a position in the NBA Finals, the stage is set for an exciting conclusion. Brown and Lowry’s heated exchanges further stoke the fire, ensuring a thrilling finale between the two squads.

Celtics and Brown on the verge of creating historic milestone

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The Boston Celtics, under the leadership of Jaylen Brown, are poised to make NBA history. By winning each elimination game they have participated in throughout half of the Eastern Conference Finals series, they have defied the odds. The Celtics now have the chance to pull off the biggest comeback in NBA history with the series levelled at 3-3.

In the NBA playoffs, no team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit. Although several teams have gone close, all of them ultimately lost Game 7. However, the Celtics are in a unique and advantageous situation as they return to the TD Garden with homecourt advantage and a supportive crowd.

With this favourable circumstance, Boston has a good chance of upsetting the Miami Heat and securing a historic comeback victory that would place them in NBA history. As the Celtics attempt to make basketball history, the stage is set for a thrilling and historic Game 7.



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