Ex-UFC champ Khabib Nurmagomedov faces scamming allegations for promoting ‘Gameplan’, fans outraged after losing money

A charge of fan fraud has been leveled against Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is currently enjoying his retirement from mixed martial arts. Fans did not exactly welcome the former UFC lightweight champion’s new affiliation with the initiative called “Gameplan” when it was recently introduced.

The former lightweight champion announced his retirement from the UFC in 2020, yet the unbeaten fighter carried on with the sport by working as a promoter following his retirement. The Eagle recently shared a clip of “Gameplan Metaverse” that generated discussion among MMA fans. 

How did fans react to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s ‘Gameplan’ project? 

A fan comment that grabbed everyone’s attention when claimed he lost money spending on Khabib’s new venture as he said, “As an honest Khabib fan since 2013, I must sadly admit that he has indeed fallen off after I trusted him & lost $1,000. I will be tearing down my Khabib Nurmagomedov posters and will now replace them with ones of the superior Dagestani LW Champ from Makhachkala in Islam Makhachev. ”

“You here for money, I’m here for legacy”. Proceeds to colab with scams for money. Not looking good brav. ” said a user. 

Ade, however, didn’t quite like the way people are reacting on The Dagestani fighter’s post as he said,” Man these comments are being too harsh on Khabib, i don’t think he has any intent to scam anyone but this doesn’t look good cuz people have been scammed with these for years.” 

Saahil is considering the whole Gameplan idea as a mn NFT scam by saying, “At this point I am sure @TeamKhabib understands this NFT thing is a scam and is willingly on it. All his platitudes about religion and doing good as a Muslim ring hollow. What a fall my man is having, it is sad to see.” 

Sun Jing Woo, another loyal fan of the former UFC lightweight king expressed his frustration at Khabib by saying,”Damn youre desperate for money my friend. Follow money! Keep following and you know where it will bring you.”

Vaders Purr clearly called The Eagle a scammer by staying, “From a legend to lousy scammer. If he didnt had money i would understand, but he is rich, he just wants to scam people.” 

“Who advises him on this lmao. There is someone who convinced him to do all this shit.” another user commented.

What is Gameplan? 

As many suspected the project as a scam, NFT or something else. Fans may have a different opinions regarding it. However, according to Khabib it is just a way to strengthen the relationship between the fans and athletes

Gameplan’s official account lately clarified what they are up to. According to them it is platform to give the sports lovers a unique experience. To promote their platform fron the beginning The Eagle has been working as a partner and brand ambassador. 

“Gameplan is the first-ever sports metaverse, where fans can play games, create events, shop and meet their favourite athletes. Gamers can take part in a unique experience, attend events and purchase merchandise. It’s the ultimate extension of sports fandom.”

Do you think the Gameplan will be a successful venture in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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