“I couldn’t do anything” Bills WR Stefon Diggs explains Damar Hamlin’s horrific on-field collapse immediate aftermath

Stefon Diggs, the wide receiver with the Buffalo Bills, revealed the terrifying moment teammate Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field.

Damar Hamlin, the safety for the Buffalo Bills, was last seen in January against the Cincinnati Bengals. After being hit by Tee Higgins, Hamlin experienced a heart attack and collapsed on the field

The medical team of the Buffalo Bills responded immediately by providing CPR and transferring him to the hospital. Thankfully, after nine days of treatment, Hamlin was able to recover from the tragedy and was soon discharged from the hospital.

What did Stefon Diggs say about Damar Hamlin’s injury?

On the premiere episode of the sixth season of “The Shop,” which aired recently, Hamlin’s teammate Stefon Diggs, along with Ryan Garcia, Kane Brown, and Desi Banks, made a cameo. Diggs was questioned by the host, Maverick Carter, regarding his experience of being a witness to the horrific event that happened to Hamlin. 

In response to the query, Diggs discussed his experience of being present on the field at that time and discussed Hamlin’s current medical condition.

Diggs, the all-pro wide receiver, shared that he personally witnessed the deaths of his many closed people, but witnessing the sudden fall of a young star on the field is something else. Diggs kept on saying that when he saw Hamlin’s heart monitor flatlined twice, the defibrillator was used on him so that he could respond, and luckily, he did. 

Stefon Diggs

This wide receiver remarked that it was like a movie where people returned from near death and expressed utmost happiness for Hamlin’s survival. Later on, he voiced his regret over the fact that he had been unable to help Hamlin at the moment.

Stefon Diggs

After that terrible thing happened, they called off the match. Diggs said the decision to call off the contest was understandable in the circumstances, but he still hoped it would be played through since he assumed Hamlin would have wanted to keep the match going. After getting the sense, Hamlin questioned if they won the game, proving Digg’s prediction correct.

Hamlin seems to have fully recovered, and he was seen at the Super Bowl in Arizona, which gave fans hope that the Bills’ safety might be back on the field soon.

Stefon Diggs and other players and netizens praised his young teammate Hamlin for his sporting spirit and wished for his quick comeback. 


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