Watch: Gervonta Davis intimidates Ryan Garcia in press conference for April 22 fight


Ryan Garcia has been a boxing sensation for a long time now. For a boxer with zero defeats so far, you would expect him to be at his fearless best, or exude confidence in a face-off with any opponent, right? Well, that was not the case with Gervonta Davis. ‘King Ry’ looked to be crumbling from fear. ‘Tank’ seemed to have run over Ryan even before the fight commenced.

Davis is set to take on Ryan Garcia at the T-Mobile arena situated in Las Vegas, on April 22. Garcia boasts an immaculate record of 23-0. However, Davis had the guts to dismantle Garcia’s stature even before the fight started since he possesses a record of 28-0. Among those 28 wins, Davis has won 26 of them via knockout. And ‘Tank’ will look to replicate one of his signatures against Garcia as he showed no intention of slowing down.

And that resilience, in-your-face attitude instilled fear in the deepest corner of Ryan Garcia’s already shaken, heart. ‘Tank’ seemed to have stared right into Garcia’s soul. Gervonta Davis even reprimanded Garcia while facing off. Garcia was visibly unsettled by his opponent’s exuberance. Garcia even couldn’t look into his eyes at one point.

What did Gervonta Davis say to Ryan Garcia?

Davis felt like he had struck fear upon Garcia’s soul, and rightly soul. Eventually, he explained what had gone down between the two. Apparently, he screamed into Garcia’s face saying he got what it takes to conquer boxing. He insinuated that the likes of Garcia just blabbered about reaching the apex whereas they didn’t have the arsenal to accomplish that.

Davis, later on, claimed him to be the face of boxing. He clarified that he didn’t want to come off as a braggart. Davis just felt that he was emulating the greats. The fearless boxer even drew comparisons with the likes of Floyd Mayweather Jr, Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson. Davis thinks that they knew they were destined to be great. And Davis feels the same way. He knows he will walk the face of the earth with his full might, sending shivers down the spines of his opponents.

What did Gervonta Davis have to say about the press conference and himself?

Davis knows that he is a sought-after figure in boxing. He acknowledged that his name was dropped every now and then in conversations related to boxing. Which is why he claimed that he was ready to face anyone who would try to dethrone him. He would take on any challenge. Because he feels that he is unrivaled skill-wise.

Whether Davis will live up to his big talk is yet to be seen. One thing is for sure Davis has marked his territory early on in the game. And what’s more evident is that he has made Davis tremor in fear. Garcia will have to run over insurmountable hurdles if he doesn’t want to get flattened by ‘Tank’.


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