Mike Tyson backs Gervonta Davis to become “legend” of boxing ahead of anticipated bout vs Ryan Garcia

Gervonta Davis knocked out Hector Luis Garcia earlier this month, despite the fact he spent one night in jail one week before the fight took place. Now he is ready to take down Ryan Garcia in the second week of April.

This Baltimore native holds the record of 28 wins out of his 28 pro boxing appearances, and the scary part is that Davis has knocked out his opponents 26 times in his career.

Because of his fighting aggression, everyone within the sport respects him and considers him one of the most promising boxers of recent times. Recently talking to TMZ, the baddest man on the planet, Mike Tyson, also praised Davis and said if he continues like this, he will also be revered as a “legend.”

“Tank is a great fighter. He’ll be a legend too if he keeps fighting. He’s probably the best fighter out there right now.”

But Tank has a different opinion about the outside world; he believes that everyone is there to criticize him, which is why he considers himself to be the most hated fighter.

“It’s definitely overlooked, for sure. I feel as though I’m probably the most hated fighter, I think so. I’m just ready to shut everyone up.

But Davis knows how to shut down his critics; that’s why he only focuses on the ring, as he knows that some staggering performances are enough to shut the mouths of the critics.

“All the talking that’s going around, I just want to go in the ring and shut them all up. I’ve always been the guy who stays focused and knows that whoever is in front of me is a threat. This is just me trying to get over that hump. I don’t think of it as a dream come true. I’m not where I want to be yet. This fight is the next step.”

However, it should be noted that Davis is mostly criticized for his off-the-ring behavior, such as beating a mother in front of her daughter.


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