“I didn’t hurt anyone & I didn’t kill anyone” Omar Jasika defends himself against a suspension imposed because of a positive cocaine test

Australia is the birthplace of famous tennis stars, and recently, Nick Kyrgios’s clinching the runner-up spot in this year’s Wimbledon fortifies the statement just fine. Another star player, Omar Jasika, 25, who also gained fame in the sport a few years ago, indicates Australia is very much in the game.

Though, Jasika was previously regarded as one of the world’s most skilled and promising athletes, he endured severe punishment over a confirmed drug case, which he surprisingly denied from the beginning.

Reasons behind Omar Jasika’s Self defense

Omar Jasika has come a long way in professional tennis, but his two-year absence from the court made him a different person in recent times because he realized that being a self-centric person would be the right thing in many circumstances.

The Aussie was punished in 2018 for taking cocaine, which is called a “Performance Enhancing Drug” for sporting athletes, but now he is back on the right track as his ban was ended last year.

Following his release from punishment, media reports claim that Jasika has transformed into a new person who enjoys defending himself for his turbulent past and thus he once said, “I didn’t hurt anyone, I didn’t kill anyone. I think more than half of the people on this planet do what I did.”

Omar Jasika

During the same interview, Omar Jasika added, “Of course: all that made me a better person. I feel like it made me a better person.” 

From the player’s above comments, it is now confirmed that Jasika’s retribution made him a modest person who loves to open up about anything and everything to feature his life and ethics towards others.

The Aussie’s improved self-confidence paved the way for him to participate on different ITF tours since 2021, on which he won a significant number of finals and gained the fame that he used to enjoy before his penalization in 2018.


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