‘‘I have no doubts’’: Barcelona boss Xavi drops truth bomb on PSG star Lionel Messi return to Camp Nou

Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez has clarified that he believes that Lionel Messi will come back to the club this summer.

Lionel Messi, left Barcelona as the team’s all-time leading goalscorer and appearances leader in 2021 while under Laporta’s watch. He will become a free agent on June 30 and will be able to leave Paris Saint-Germain without any restrictions.

There have been many reports that Messi is close to a move to Barcelona. Many players in Barcelona have also spoken of their desire to see Messi come back. Moreover, now the Barca manager and former teammate of Messi, Xavi Hernandez also expressed his desire to see Messi come back.

Even though no deal has been finalized, Xavi believes that it is all done on the club’s part.

In an interview with Catalan media outlet TV3, the Spanish manager said, “Our fans started to mention Leo Messi’s name at every game…I like the feeling. But trust me, the comeback of Leo Messi only depends on him. I’d say that it depends 99% on Messi. I have no doubts on football point of view – it’s up to Leo.”

Why does Lionel Messi want to leave PSG?

Fabrizio Romano even confirmed that Messi has now already decided to leave PSG at the end of the season, having rejected their previous contract renewal offers.’

There are many reasons why Messi wants to leave the club. Recently, the fans and ultras of the club have blamed both him along with Neymar Jr for the team’s failure to win the Champions League this season. The boos in the stadiums have led to him becoming unhappy with the city. Furthermore, his family also wants to come back to Catalonia where his kids grew up.

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Messi also didn’t have a proper farewell from the club. There is no doubt that he loves the club where he spent almost all his career and wants to finish his career there.

Saudi club Al-Hilal reportedly provided the Argentine superstar a contract for more than €400 million ($438.2 million) each season. This offer was made two months ago, though Messi did not respond to it yet. The deal could reach almost one billion dollars throughout the whole contract.

Should Barcelona sign Messi?

Barcelona are struggling with financial issues and FFP regulations making it extremely difficult for them to sign the veteran. 

But it seems that Messi himself wants to return to his childhood club. The Argentine is in close contact with both manager Xavi Hernandez and even president Joan Laporta revealed he spoke with him. Fans of the club chanted Messi’s name frequently in the past few days to till now players like Pedri and Araujo expressed their desire to see him back. It was even reported that Messi was part of the title celebrations in the locker room via a video link.

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If Barcelona do get Messi into the club, they would be benefited a lot. The club’s finances would be boosted but even more, the fans would be happy. They would also get to plan a proper farewell for the legend. Furthermore, Messi is still in top shape and could easily help the club on the pitch. His presence on the pitch would massively boost their performances with Messi’s incredible leadership skills.

Barcelona are working on strategies to convince La Liga to sign Lionel Messi. If the club can pull this miracle off, we could see Lionel Messi back in his eternal club.

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