Vasiliy Lomachenko believes Devin Haney vs Gervonta Davis bout could never happen, claims “The Dream” would change divisions: ‘‘He’ll go up to 140lbs’’

For Devin Haney, the choices for his next opponent are numerous at the moment. Haney wouldn’t take a chance against Gervonta Davis, according to his most recent ring opponent Vasiliy Lomachenko. 

Tank is currently the WBA super featherweight champion and Dream is the current undisputed lightweight champion. Hence a matchup involving two of the finest boxers at the moment would be a treat to watch for boxing enthusiasts. 

However, Lomachenko in a recent interview expressed his thoughts on this potential matchup by saying, “It’ll never happen because now he [Haney] understands his level. Now I think he’ll go up to 140lbs and fight just regular boxers,”

Feud between Vasiliy Lomachenko and Devin Haney explained

There’s been a lot of controversy regarding the decision of the fight between Haney and Vasiliy. According to many boxing analysts and fans, the decision should have gone in Lom’s way. The Ukrainian boxer also addressed the issue in his most recent interview. 

“I watched a repeat of this fight, and my score was 8-4. My score was subjective, but real score is close to 7-5. After twelve rounds, I was sure I won this fight, and I was very happy.” Loma said. 

However, Lomachenko isn’t optimistic about a rematch as he thinks Devin is scared of taking such a risk. The two-time Olympic gold medalist thinks Devin should go for a rematch to protect his legacy. 

“He was talking about legacy before the fight. But if you’re talking about legacy, you need to make a rematch. He needs to make his revenge in a rematch, but it’s all in his hands.” Loma added. 

Devin Haney boxing career stats

The 24-year-old boxer, who currently boasts a perfect 30-0-0 record, continued his winning streak on May 20 with yet another contentious triumph. Dream, though, is currently the undisputed lightweight world champion. 

Devin most recently triumphed via unanimous decision in a highly anticipated lightweight boxing contest against Loma at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, with scores of 116-112, 115-113, and 115-113.

Out of his 30 victories, 15 came via knockout out, proving his incredible KO skills as well. On average, the Californian boxer takes 6.6 rounds to finish his opponent to win a bout.

Do you think Devin Haney will go for a rematch against Vasiliy Lomachenko? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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