After Bob Arum claimed Vasiliy Lomachenko should have won, Devin Haney lands a harsh jibe at ex-promoter: “Old ass was sleep all fight”

In a battle that left boxing fans divided, Devin Haney secured a contentious victory over Vasiliy Lomachenko, causing a stir in the boxing world. With his undefeated record intact and a collection of lightweight titles to his name, ‘The Dream’ has chosen to enter free-agency following the expiration of his contract with Top Rank promotions. This decision comes in the wake of Haney’s sharp jab at Bob Arum, the renowned boxing promoter. Let’s delve into the aftermath of Haney’s win, his departure from Top Rank, and the reactions from the MMA community.

Devin Haney

Breaking Free: The Controversial Triumph of Devin Haney Ignites a Lightweight Exodus

Following his controversial triumph over Vasiliy Lomachenko, Devin Haney has confirmed his departure from Top Rank promotions, opting to explore free-agency. Despite being previously associated with the infamous boxing promoter Bob Arum, Haney’s contract expiration led to his decision to venture into new horizons. The brash young champion expressed his dissatisfaction with Arum through a critical tweet, further fueling speculation about the influence of promotional ties on judging decisions. Devin Haney is not the only notable lightweight boxer to seek free-agency. Gervonta Davis, fresh off his impressive seventh-round knockout victory over Ryan Garcia, is another high-profile fighter currently unaffiliated with any promotional company.

While previously signed by Mayweather Promotions, Davis parted ways with them in late 2022, adding to the growing list of independent talents in the lightweight division. These departures raise questions about the future direction of these fighters and the potential impact on the boxing landscape. Haney’s victory over Lomachenko generated heated discussions among fans, with many accusing Top Rank promotions of influencing the judges’ decision. Bob Arum, echoing the sentiments of numerous spectators, voiced his belief that Lomachenko deserved the win.

Unraveling Controversy: Devin’s Departure Ignites MMA’s Verdict on Boxing’s Flawed Landscape

However, now that Devin Haney has severed ties with Arum and Top Rank, it remains to be seen if these accusations will be retracted or further amplified. The MMA community couldn’t stay silent regarding Devin Haney’s contentious triumph.

Dillon Danis, a polarizing figure and training partner of Conor McGregor, labeled the fight a robbery, expressing his disagreement with the judges’ ruling.

Meanwhile, former UFC double champion Daniel Cormier cryptically tweeted “Boxing,” alluding to the sport’s history of controversial decisions.

Another former UFC fighter, Josh Thomson, known for being the first person to TKO Nate Diaz, criticized the judges’ verdict, highlighting a flaw in the sport of boxing that often favors younger fighters over experienced veterans.

Devin Haney’s controversial win over Vasiliy Lomachenko has set off a series of significant developments in the boxing world. His decision to enter free-agency following the expiration of his contract with Top Rank marks a new chapter in his career, sparking speculation about his next promotional affiliation. As the MMA community continues to voice their opinions on the outcome, it remains evident that the impact of this bout will reverberate throughout the sport, prompting discussions about judging controversies and the future of lightweight boxing.

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